Web 2.0 sites are worthless?

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When asking 10 people this question, I usually get 5 yes - 5 no. I often get the impression that the people answering the question are only reciting what they have heard.
Most "experts" answering to the negative on this question usually resort to reciting the Google tos about creating links to manipulate search engine rankings. The whole field of SEO is about manipulating search engine rankings. So, I think that saying a self-created link from a Web 2.0 site to your "money site" is something nefarious or black-hat is a joke.
There should be nothing at all detrimental about creating a blog on, say, Weebly, having a high-value piece of content linking back to a self-hosted company website. It is not like you are using automatic software to create 100s of crap articles.

So how are you supposed to get backlinks to a company website to boost its search rankings? All the prim and proper answer I have ever gotten for this question is "write good content and they will come". Fine. But I don't have 17 years for my site to grow and attract attention.
I understand that things that have worked in the past won't necessarily work in the future. But, I just can't see why a great piece of content will be worthless on a free-hosted Web 2.0 site. Everyone talks about "Content and Backlinks", but every source of backlinks I have ever used have been labeled as bad and worthless. Commenting? Bad. Forum profile? Bad. Web 2.0? Bad. Article Directories? Bad. Guest posts? Bad.
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    Originally Posted by dmorganhenley View Post

    There should be nothing at all detrimental about creating a blog on, say, Weebly, having a high-value piece of content linking back to a self-hosted company website. It is not like you are using automatic software to create 100s of crap articles.
    This is the catch that I think many fall into.. what exactly is "high-value content"? For the sake of discussion.. I would suggest you are trying to rank a new PR0 site with another PR0 site.. or a bunch of them.. the link value is negligible.

    Things are different if your 2.0's have some age on them, and rank well. I have a PBN with 30 some sites in total.. any and each of these sites.. that I for the most part use as 2.0 sites, are of greater link value than the site I am linking to. Again for the sake of discussion.. a PR4 site linking to a PR0 site.. the PR0 site will see benefit.. it obviously is not the case if that is reversed.

    I think the whole theory of "creating" back links after your money site is up, is tail end backwards.... Build 2.0 sites that rank and have authority, THEN and only THEN should you link from them to pull juice... to a newly built money site. the reality is, this process takes time. there is simply no way around it.

    Originally Posted by dmorganhenley View Post

    All the prim and proper answer I have ever gotten for this question is "write good content and they will come"

    This type of statement chaps my hide every time I see it. Yes write for the reader blah blah blah.. but with out the initial SEO efforts.. like what term to target and on page SEO whats the sense in writing at all.. yeah keep writing and sooner or later you will finally get a page to rank.

    My way to many years of experience with this stuff says that go for the lowest laying fruit you can... get pages to rank - as long as they are on topic, and you can rank easy.. go there. Thinking you are going to come in with a PR0 site and get first page for "XBOX" or "Lawyer" anything.. you are kidding yourself, it just wont happen.

    But build up your Domain Authority.. and I really don't mean DA per se.. but get a series of Wins.. IE ranking pages.. and then shorten that keyword tail a bit and target slightly harder terms.. and get the W's then go a bit harder and get the W's then with a series of W's you can come in and start after those single term keywords.

    Again experience talking... you really don't want the single word keywords anyways.. understanding there is a difference between traffic and Targeted traffic is huge - unless you think you are going to make millions with ad sense LOL
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I have built a fairly neat blogging business and globe-trotting lifestyle through:

    - patience (not 17 years, but a few
    - post regularly to my blog
    - guest posting
    - effective blog commenting
    - promoting top bloggers in my niche, through my blog and social media

    Impatience seems to be your biggest enemy. Take a deep breath, stick to the basics over years, and you will get really solid backlinks, from reputable sites.

    But if you hurry the process, you will get no backlinks from good sites. Impatience is repelling, and ya gotta pay your dues before earning great links, over time.

    Many folks try to get backlinks on my blog, asking me, and fail miserably.

    Then you have a group of smart bloggers who don't ask me for anything, but help me without looking for anything in return. These are the folks - if they keep improving their skills - who get backlinks on my blog with a Domain Authority of 50, and with over 18,000 links in. They earned it through their patience, their persistence, their generosity, and by paying their online tuition aka dues.

    If it were easy to get good backlinks, everybody would get good backlinks. But most folks weed themselves out by trying to get before they give.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Web 2.0 sites were good in the past, but now they are good for link diversity for the most part. Even today, people continue to put crap content on these 2.0 sites, then never add any more content ever again. a Web 2.0 will help you if it has good content, and age. You are also in a catch 22, why would you need more then one backlink from the web 2.0? other backlinks coming from the same 2.0 sites are only diminished in value.

    At the end of the day, web 2.0 sites is not a high
    quality link source, however, if you properly maintain
    them, and add backlinks, then they could help over time.

    Why would you dump resources in Web 2.0 when
    you could use those resources on your own site?

    You need HQ backlinks, not some half ass or low
    quality backlinks that will provide zero/little help....

    Like the above poster, you got to pay your dues!
    You are not going to become cash earning CEO of
    your own company overnight, as this can take years
    of trial, error, and experience.

    IMO, CEOs have earned their title, and all rights
    that come with the title of being called a CEO....
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    There are a few ways to help the SEO on your page:

    First make sure you do some keyword research to see what words people are searching for in your niche, you can use Google Keyword Planner

    One technique to use ON-Page SEO, where you have internal links from pages/ post on your site (see Wikipedia for examples on how they use on-page SEO)

    Use external backlinks from other websites, like Web 2.O sites. Make sure you check the domain authority/page authority from a site like https://moz.com/

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    If you are ready to grow in long term , build strong web 2.0 and have good content. Hardwork pays off.
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    You should definitely think long-term and focus on platforms, where you can control content.
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    In my opinion, There is nothing wrong to get backlinks from Web2.0 sites.
    I still do this & I use it to push new landing pages.
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    if you create creepy web 2.o it is worthless but when you create with quality content and 2nd tier link to your web 2.o it is worthy.
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    Web 2.0, profiles, PBN....bad or good? It's defend on the way you build and use them. If you want fast, automatic...it will be bad. If you build by hand it will be good. Maybe you will ask me how to control hundreds sites/blog like PBN, just find some platforms like weontech.com, wpmanager....to save your time and manage all in 1 place.
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    it is worthless if your links are not proper from web 2.o, but if you do proper web 2.o sites and gots a proper link then it is helpful ......
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    Before i research on this i feel using more web 2.0 is good for SEO. But when i read the article written by Gotch SEO: https://www.gotchseo.com/how-to-rank-in-google/, i got the clarity about PBN's. Once go throw that link.
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  • Web 2.0 is Good if you are posting unique content to that website. don't manipulate search engine for only getting back links. also refer different Web 2.0 domain as per DA & PA of that website. definitely it's going to benefit to you.
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    Do you know only Web 2.0 can rank your site quickly. But every post have unique content that can give you a better result.
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    .no its effective..just change some sites and bookmark it on network bookmarking sites like reddit..and check if ur content has back links or not in effective keywords..
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    It should be clearly focused on long-term thinking and platform, due to which it is easy to get backlinks from Web2.0 sites.
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