Wow, new video player element on Google Organic search results pages.

by dburk
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Hi Warriors,

Is anyone else seeing this?

I just did a search on Google, and instead of the typical search result page, there was a large (not thumbnail) video player element at the top of organic search results. When I click on the video player Google popped up a full screen modal window with a video player playing the video, without ever leaving the SERP.

They must be testing full screen popups for videos on the SERP. I realize this is a featured snippet, but I have never seen this video "player" format before. This is apparently a summary snippet as it has pre-selected the most relevant part of the video and set it to start and play a short section of the video that is most relevant to the question I asked in the search box. Very different, very cool.

I believe his will definitely have significant effect on SEO strategies if it makes it out of beta testing. What do you guys think of it, is anyone else seeing this yet?

Don Burk
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    Yeah, looks like the search result window is different, but I didn't see the video pop-out like you mentioned.


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    Definitely looks a little cleaner on my end; a subtle change on Google, with a clearer image on the upper right hand side of the page. Not seeing the video pop out though.
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    Hi Guys,

    What I'm seeing is not a subtle change, it is way different.

    I captured a screenshot to give you guys a better idea of what I'm seeing:

    Note that the featured snippet has pre-selected a 121 seconds snip of a 10+ minute video. When you click on that huge 1/4 page video player that is right there between the top ads and the organic results, it opens a fullscreen modal popup, in black, with a youtube video player that instantly starts playing the video at the start and stop times indicated in the snippet.

    I perform searches all day everyday on Google, this is a very different search page experience. I was able to watch the video snippet, in a modal popup, without ever leaving the SERP.

    Don Burk

    P.S. Here's what the modal popup looks like:

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    Yeah I started seeing a few of these a couple of days ago. Have not seen anything confirming it yet from Google. Not sure if it is a test or here to stay.
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    Certainly looks a little cleaner on my end; an inconspicuous change on Google, with a clearer picture on the upper right hand side of the page. Not seeing the video fly out however.
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    Makes sense since Google owns YouTube and they are in an intense fight with Facebook for video traffic.
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