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Which directories should you list your website and business on to get valuable SEO backlinks on?
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    Directory is old method (ex: Google DMOZ was dead). Move on another ways.
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    Go for paid ones such as IdeaMarketers, AricleCube, Constant-Content, InfoBarrel.
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    I would check out Bright Local or Whitespark. Both of those websites will give you a solid list of directories. Though as previously mentioned, the effect of mass directory building is a dated strategy. The most recent information I have read on local (Maps) rankings suggest that it is still a good idea to do, but don't expect to see any magic results. If you have a budget to work with, paying those two companies to build them for you is usually cheaper than paying someone internally.
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    search one websis directories. they have a new method on directory links
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    Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

    Which directories should you list your website and business on to get valuable SEO backlinks on?
    When you say directories... are you wanting to increase overall organic listings, or are you looking to target more specific local listings?

    When looking for "Backlinks", that are for overall search, I choose directories that are very contextually matchy matchy to what it is I do.. as an example.. I'm a lawyer.. I would look for Lawyer directories.. and if I was say a Patent lawyer.. I would focus more on Patent lawyer directories.

    In terms of what it is you do / sell... I honestly don't have a clue.. have never done "Oil" before. I would at the very least shoot for targeting more specific links based on your "Equipment" break down IE Offroad, Semi, Marine etc

    In terms of local search targeting.. You don't really want "Backlinks" as much as you want "Citations" This is where a site such as bright local and Whitespark would be of use. If you can afford the time.. I have found it of use to search locally for good fit contextually and approach that business for a link or a mention ( citation ) and this is pretty effective. In terms of citations, the more local based citations you get vs yelp or manta etc the better I find it to be.

    And If you actually do have a google / bing business listing.. it doesn't hurt to work on both strategies.. actually suggested
    Hope that Helps!
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    No need thousand of directories link, get 1-2 link as like forbes.

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