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Is there any way to improve the rank of the 3-local pack results that show on Google SERP? Any trick? I found a lot of the same kind of businesses listed over there. But my client wants me to show their Google My Business Listing within top #3, so they get more audiences. Is there any way to improve that? Any kind of help, much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    build citations - its like link building without links!
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    yes, you can improve that position. try to analyze the title of the top 3 listed companies and remodified the title of your listed business.
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    Get reviews, get at least 4 star rating.
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      I started using a product called Podium to get more local reviews. I went from less that 50 reviews to 235 reviews with a 4.8 rating in the course of 3 months. We didn't get any extra traffic or leads. It's now been about 6 months since we started the program and it has shown no results by having so many more reviews. Most of my competitors have less than 20. Some as few as 5.
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    I honestly don't understand the whole "Review" craze.. I think there is no benefit what so ever in terms of ranking. Local listings is all about position... if there is a 3 pack in the category you are working with.. you need to be there. URL regardless of what anyone says is more than apparently a factor. Citations are a factor. Ensuring your NAP is all in order is a factor. Company name.. a factor.. and most importantly is Location.. and this is one of those things you really cant do anything about.. other than move your business ( LOL )

    One thing to keep in mind... Ranking a page is done with an algorithm ( IE math ) So one could say that based on the overall average in a category variables in ranking could be below the norm, they could be on par with the norm, or they could be over the norm. I myself.. look to be just above "Norm" Below and above norm places you in a position of being an exception. in Math the greater the exception the greater the chance of being identified.

    How does that translate to Google? More often than not Exceptions lose rank. usually in one fell swoop. Does the site have to many bad links.. done. Does the page have way to high keyword density... done. Is the content on the site to weak.. done. This is how Google works... to have more than or less than is usually overall not a good thing.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    There are several things you can to increase your ranking and market your business on Google Maps.
    1. Verify your Google My Business Information. ...
    2. Get Google Reviews. ...
    3. Properly Categorize Your Business. ...
    4. Embed a Google Map on Your Website. ...
    5. Optimize the Listing Description. ...
    6. Use a Local Telephone Number. ...
    7. Add Photos to the Listing.
    This is a brief information, you can google for more information.
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    • Where to add the listing description? I didn't find the option. Maybe I missed it? Or just copied content fro anywhere else and pasted here? Please help me to figure it out. And yes, we did all things you mentioned except 5, but still not in top #3, so what could be the reason? Any clues?
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    By providing and updating business information in Google My Business can help your business's local ranking on Google and enhance your presence in Search and Maps.

    1. Enter complete data
    2. Verify your location(s)
    3. Keep your hours accurate
    4. Manage and respond to reviews
    5. Add photos
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    To increase Google map rank you have to maintain the following details-
    1. Well decorated Google my business page
    2. Get some review from you customer (approach them like a feedback )
    3. Citation om high pr Site like yelp, manta etc.
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    You must Optimize you website with relevant keyword for website and some on page activity for website which help to get good ranking on Google .
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    Verify listing, make sure all business info is correct, pay for 50-100 map embeds on web 2.0s, and throw a few social signals at it
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    Reviews + citations + ensure NAP is 100 % accurate across all citations. No guarantee of 3 pack
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    Need to be create genuine reviews, commenting and map listing. Business Listing most effective for it.
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  • These are several things you can use to increase map ranking as per knowledge:
    1.Verify your Google My Business Information.
    2.Get Google Reviews
    3.Publish Relevant Content. Quality content is the number one driver of your
    search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content.
    4.Update Your Content Regularly.
    5.Embed a Google Map on Your Website.
    6.Use a Local Telephone Number.
    7.Add Photos to the Listing.
    8.Have a link-worthy site.
    9.Optimize the Listing Description.
    10.Use alt tags.
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