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Hello Everyone,

i want to know about how i can get first place on google maps . how we need to optimize our website or google plus or anything else to get my business on top 3 places on google for a location keyword .

Keyword : Photographer in Dehradun

So how i do that please tell me step by step if possible ..

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    Chad Kimball here, noticed no one had answered this, I realize its an old post, but here you go, here is the basics of the google maps ranking formula:

    1) website content 2) backlinks 3) citations 4) reviews. Beat everyone else in those 4 areas and you'll usually outrank them. (not necessarily in that order). There are a lot of exceptions and loopholes, but those are the big 4 that will almost always bring you a big financial win.
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    Not so sure backlinks OR web content are going to be a factor here.. Citations YES... Ratings, YES.

    Why do I say this? the top 3 don't have websites.

    So a local listing such as this that I look at from the States is going to give me results based on the center of town. in actuality however, the results are displayed by proximity of the end user.

    When looking at the map.. I would suggest Vibrant Pixels probably does very well. Umang Rana probably does very well. Glamour Studio probably does very well. And why? because they have separation geographically from any competition.

    As much as the internet has opened up the world for business' when it comes to local search and some semi recent changes that Google has made.. the rule of Location Location Location is probably more important TODAY than ever before. You want your address to be in the middle of your best geographic audience match.

    I have actually suggested to clients as of late that relocating would be in their best interest. The 2 that have.. it has worked out in their favor.

    But the absolute basics.. Citations citations citations.. and then natural ratings
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    Here are few checkpoints you need to go through -
    1. Is your business verified by Google?
    2. Are you getting ample amount of ratings and reviews on your My Business Page?
    3. Have you embedded the map on your website?
    4. Is the NAP(Name, Address, Phone Number) accurate?
    5. Have you uploaded the photos of your business?
    6. Is your business category correct?

    Apart from that focus on listing your business on other local citation sites. It will help you much. Most often, Google shows local results according to proximity of the user's location, so keep that in mind too.

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