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When SEO people say "you have to find keywords the competion isn't looking for" (i believe it goes something like that)... what does that mean exactly?

Can someone provide an example of how to do it?!
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    It means to look for keywords which are of low competition. So, you can rank easily which is obviously hard if the competition is high.
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    I was able to rank a keyword in the top 3 that is expensive in PPC that gets 8,000 visits a month. In Ahrefs, the KW difficulty was a 7. However, I have been trying for years to rank another KW in my local area that only gets 350 monthly visits. I can't crack and sustain a top 10 ranking. There are lots of valuable key phrases that get lots of traffic that are not too difficult to rank for.
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    Originally Posted by Jenna Beas View Post

    When SEO people say "you have to find keywords the competition isn't looking for"
    Thats going to be very difficult. You are better off learning SEO well and find out which keywords have sites ranking despite having poor SEO skills behind them.

    So not keywords the competition is not looking for but ones where the competition has SEO weaknesses.

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