Want to learn SEO ?? Anyone who can teach me ??

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Hello warriors,
I am new here joined for learning something new .. I guess here I can find some experts who can teach me secrets of Seo.

I m wandering how some companies or Seo experts get google rank for any keyword within 2 months .. and nobody tells how he do that. I want to know exact methods and everything which can me a good and confident SEO Expert ..Plz Help

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    best possible tool for the seo learning ,you can refer to sites like seomoz,niel patel blogs will also help you in this
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      Yeah... seomoz, I got a lot of valuable lessons about SEO from moz forum, it's a great site to learn.

      But the best teacher is absolutely yourself, you have to do some practices and experiences to know what is the best method for you.

      More experience more knowledges.
      Visit BuycomDomain.com Over 700K Aged Domains with Good SEO Metrics for Your Money Site or PBN. Backlink, Traffics, DA, PA, TF, CF, Semrush, Ale... read more
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  • Thanks Password Armor,

    I want to learn it from basic to become a complete SEO Expert is there any way to do this or any website who provide this type info .
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    Since it is their expertise, they will definitely not share their 'expert' strategies! It is you who has to keep yourself updated with popular SEO blogs which are also a great source to learn about SEO, as stated by you in title
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    • Yes I know that n thats why I m here ...I know its take time and learn gradually but the main problem is how to start ?. where to start ? . where we can get really good information . I know nobody will tell me his secret free.. but thanks for your reply.. eve jones
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  • Profile picture of the author Easy Profits
    Read all the guides that you can find on the internet and use this knowledge yourself. No one will spoon-feed you here. Keep to one simple rule: practice makes perfect...
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    • yes bro I tried many youtube video's and online pdf's but nothing tells me the real secret which I want to know how to get on top for any keyword .. and there is something secret which is not available on the internet ..or may be I m not able to find it ...
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    The problem with learning from blogs - even Moz - is that there are many opinions out there on SEO. Moz often gives advice based on the fact that Google watches them in the SEO space. Companies like Moz have to stay things that are not true. PBNs don't work, buying links is not a thing and on and on.

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      Originally Posted by Mike Anthony View Post

      The problem with learning from blogs - even Moz - is that there are many opinions out there on SEO. Moz often gives advice based on the fact that Google watches them in the SEO space. Companies like Moz have to stay things that are not true. PBNs don't work, buying links is not a thing and on and on.

      The other problem with Moz is they have user blogs, which people mistake as coming from Moz itself. Muddies the waters even more.

      On the other hand, if you can find sites that are clients of Distilled, then you can really see what Moz thinks works and doesn't work.
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      • and finding info in moz is like finding pearl in ocean ..its very difficult to filter important and relevant information there ...not friendly for beginners .. well thanks dear
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    Search engine optimization is more know as SEO is a way to increase your traffic to an internet web site from search engines through search results.If your website appears on any other position,but not 1st you will get less traffic to your website,here comes the SEO service with which you can come out on 1st place,if you chose a good company of course.The company I can recommend has been on the market for long time and offers many and different kinds of services like Photoshop,Digital Media,Copy writing,Copy Editing,Web Content and etc.It offers the SEO service in different languages like English,French,Italian,Spanish,German.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kumar Rahul 13

    No one can teach you SEO in better way than your ownself. Just start with tutorials available on youtube. once you have done with tutorials you can try getting free tutorials on udmey or lynda. there are many SEO tutorials which becomes available from time to time.

    I will suggest you to start learning from Keyword research , once you have done that jump to ON page SEO. After you have enough confidence that you have done good with On page SEO move to next level which is OFF Page SEO.

    If you have specific question please ask.
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  • Thanks Kumar

    if you know some good tutorials or youtube channels please suggest me it will be more helpful me ...like I m reading Neil Patel blog and its awesome info there ...but very advance and I want step by step tutorial..
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  • Profile picture of the author Aaron Aguilar
    I'd honestly say YouTube.

    Chase Reiner has some great stuff as does Lion Zeal
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    • Chase Rainer is good ..I like his tutorial videos some of them was great I download 5 video for myself

      Thanks Aaron
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    .seo has no secret..(exception in case of black hat seo)now a days there are many tools what do seo for u widout hiring any 3rd party..there are many tools..
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    • Can you please suggest me that tools which is good, trusted and tried .

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        Loads of tools out there. Screaming frog is free (paid option but free is great) and a great crawling tool.

        Try seoptimer - google it - put a website in for it to analyse then learn what each aspect means. That would be a good start to learning SEO.

        Good luck with your journey
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  • Profile picture of the author Neha Shukla
    Hi Shailesh,

    Moz is the best option for the beginners. Along with this, you should read the blogs of ahref for detailed information about SEO issues and their fixes. SEO can be different for each website. I mean SEO of a static website or ecommerce website or mobile site will be different. Please let me know the details. I would be happy to share the information with you.
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    • Hello Neha,
      I have a question , What SEO Experts do ? how he easily get results on front page of google for almost any keyword. Is there any planning ? Strategy ? Tools ? any hidden directories or something like that which is not public ? or anything which i m missing in my seo . bcoz i tried it to my wordpress blog and we get result on second page of google and it take approx 3 months for me but i m trying the same strategy for same keyword from last 4 months and its not going to front page of google why?? so what's the missing part ???
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      • Profile picture of the author Neha Shukla
        Hi Shailesh,

        Yup. There are a lot of planning and strategies behind the success of every website. As you said that you are ranking on 2nd page in Google SERPs and working hard to get it on forst page. I would say that if your strategies are not working from last 4 months then you should try something else. You need to look into the search page behavior, competition for the keywords, what the competitors are doing, their backlinks and so on. After all of these research, you will able to understand the exact situation hopefully and will be able to make the strategy accordingly.
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    There are many YouTube channels that you can easily get by searching on YouTube or Google and that too in different languages. You can choose from as per your comfort.
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  • Profile picture of the author cybernext
    Hi Shailesh,

    Teaching yourself can be a challenging, but it's not impossible, Infact it is more beneficial! You can use SEOMoz's "Beginner's Guide to SEO", SEO Book's "SEO Training", Bruce Clay's "Search Engine Optimization Tutorials"

    You can also join Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training because its better to Self-Paced Learning. Here Simplilearn's advanced SEO courses availaible.
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    • Thanks cybernext,
      i think without guidance its almost impossible to get desired result. also it will take too much time for self learning finding correct pdf's becoz i dont know which one is good and giving right information. but i like Bruce Clays Tutorials.
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    Go for 'DailyBlogTips' its just great for beginners. And for advanced options you can look for Moz Blog and specifically look for Rand Fishkin's blog, remember there are many blogs under the name Moz.

    As for knowledge of getting backinks try 'Backlinko'.
    SEO Motionz Forum & Blog- Digital Marketing Forum & Blog,
    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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    • ohh thanks dude ...Backlinko is very interesting and informative ...also Rand Fiskin's blog is very good ...
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  • Profile picture of the author MarketingAce
    The algorithms of Google are always changing when it comes to ranking factors, but 1 thing that will NEVER change is that you MUST have GREAT & UNIQUE content on any web page that you plan on trying to rank. Make sure that you have the following:
    1. High-quality content 1st & foremost.
    2. At least 600 - 1000+ words on the page that you'd like to rank on 1st page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc..
    3. Plenty of the best quality & variety (blogs, forums, similar websites, videos, social media, articles directories, etc.) backlinks pointing back to your website & web pages that you're trying to rank to the 1st page of Google.
    4. Make sure that your "on-page SEO" is looking good. Keywords still need to be well-optimized with the "on-page" tags such as the Title tag, inside the Body tags content, Images, & any out-going links on the page should have the keywords within the anchor tags as well. Just make sure that the keyword phrase & the related LSI keywords you are trying to rank for passes through the webpage in multiple places within the HTML tags in other words.

    I hope this helps you. Feel free to ask more questions. I'm here to help you.

    Originally Posted by shailesh tripathi View Post

    Hello warriors,
    I am new here joined for learning something new .. I guess here I can find some experts who can teach me secrets of Seo.

    I m wandering how some companies or Seo experts get google rank for any keyword within 2 months .. and nobody tells how he do that. I want to know exact methods and everything which can me a good and confident SEO Expert ..Plz Help

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    • Thanks Marketingace

      Please can you tel me the right way to do On page and Off page SEO , also pease tell me Whats the pnb's, Bridge network, Contextual linking in SEO please explain in details...
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  • Lots of them using private blog networks.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rajeshwari Raje
    Hi, I would like to suggest you go for an real time activities. for eg take your own free website and do for an SEO then you face lots of SEO issue and also refer SEO Backbone - moz, SEMRush, ahref tool.
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    • What is PBN/ Wen2.0 backlink ??? ....how to make ???
      How valuable they are ?? ... and how to find these types of sites online ..which have high DA...

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  • Profile picture of the author Anabel
    SEO is a big sector. You have to give much time to learn it. And SEO every day have new technology
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  • Profile picture of the author Jassi Kaur
    Hi Shailesh Tripathi,
    If you like to learn search engine optimisation then hire mentor or you can learn from in-class training institute.
    There are lot of other media to learn.
    You can learn from Youtube or online from blogs. But there are lot of factors on which you have to work to rank your site organically. So don't do experiments on your business website. First find some SEO professionals and hire them according to their experience. Take in-class or online coaching from them step by step.
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    • hello jassi

      if you have knowledge of Seo then why not you share your expertise with us
      I m waiting for your reply..
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  • Profile picture of the author uttambhaskar
    Hi Shailesh

    You want to learn SEO or just the secrets to get rank higher on SERPs within short period of time. Bro, plz make sure yourself that SEO is not instant, it takes time and if you really want to learn it then start with your own website and try to get it rank in your local area. Regarding secrets so here they are

    Relevency, Authority and Trust

    these are the three factors that search engine looks while giving a web page rank in SERP
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    • Thanks uttambhaskar

      I m really trying hard to learn Seo through youtube tutorials and blogs but there I find the information which they choose to share ...not what I want ..
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  • Profile picture of the author Eve Jones
    It is a matter of expertise you earn while practicing SEO and nobody ever shares the secrets as it is the way they earn bucks. Since you seen keenly interested in learning SEO, why dont you join some coaching or another better option is google and youtube where you can easily get tutorials and case studies you can learn from.
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  • Profile picture of the author omnitec1018
    Build your own website and try to do some real time activities. You will be able to learn a lot then..
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    • Exactly what I m doing right now ..experimenting on my own website ...
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  • Profile picture of the author Castor Troy7
    Welcome to the SEO !

    Follow the websites:

    1) Search Engine Journal
    2) Search Engine Land
    3) SEO Moz
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    • Thanks Castor Troy7
      we already know about these websites but finding right information for beginners is hard ..
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  • Thanks Startup arena
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  • Profile picture of the author YancyOliveros
    Hi Shailesh ! at first i had the same problem as you do because I'm not familiar in SEO or what tools should i used. I've search in google about basic SEO and it helps me along the way so i can recommend you this one and it is a good read. I hope I can help you with this. Thanks Have a nice day.
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