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Hi guys,

I just got a new client for SEO but i want to know if SEO ranking is an ongoing management process or when you achieve the fist page ranking that's about it.

If it is ongoing what does it entails after ranking first page on search engines?
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    If you have to ask questions like this then you arnt ready to have SEO clients...
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    SEO is a never-ending process. Even if you get your client's website on #1 Page, you have to work for it to maintain the position. Your competition increases after ranking at No.1 Page.
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    Ohh man!!! I pity your client.
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    Very good question, SEO is like endless river, Forever and ever. But if you do it appropriately, goal achievement is easy if you can work in the right path. You don't need to work on the whole time, just do the right work in the right time.
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      You're right, SEO never ends.
      It's like an infinite, complex forever-meandering river. However, once you secure that number #1 ranking, things do get a lot easier.
      First, when you're on top you start to get social and user engagement signals. These are also ranking factors that you build passively simply by ranking. And they strengthen your page so it gets harder and harder to move it.
      Second, massive action is needed to get to the top- but minimal to stay there.
      Keeping the page up to date can be as simple as:
      Answering comments
      Building internal links
      Keeping the page up to date.
      This is true for most but the most competitive niches. There you'd have to build links to keep ranking.

      Bottom line

      After a while, SEO river stops meandering and from that point forward- it's mostlycoasting to that sea that goes by the name (reward for your hard work upfront-money)
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    The time in which you achieve good rankings, as well as the time those rankings are stable for, depends on the competition that rank for those keywords.

    Generally, the more competitive the keyword the longer it takes to rank well and continue ranking well. Remeber that you are not the only one that is working on strengthening their website. Even good-hearted bloggers that have no idea about SEO continue to develop relationships with other sites to get more readers.

    Everything in this universe is either growing or dying, there is no such thing as standing still. Not sure who said that but it perfectly applies to your question.

    Therefore, if you want to continue outranking your competition, you need to maintain it by continuing your SEO work. Again, how aggressive you need to be with your maintenance depends on how aggressive your competition really is.

    Local SEO is a little bit more lenient, however, it also largely depends on the competition you are facing when ranking for local terms.

    Local SEO mainly deals with ranking local business websites for their locations, which means the biggest competition are websites of other business from the same niche.

    I lost count of how many businesses I worked with websites that looked prehistoric. In other words, they probably did not touch it since its creation.

    That said if you are attempting to rank for a specific keyword and your competition is a bunch of prehistoric websites that rank high largely due to their domain age, you probably won't have to do any maintenance at all. If your competition does not do any continuous work on their websites, ranking variables do not change that often so your rankings are very stable.

    In order to determine how much ongoing work you will have to do on your site, you need to determine how hard working your competition is for the keywords you are aiming for.

    I hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. -- Jill Whalen

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    The lowest bidder wins again!
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    Originally Posted by Solaa View Post

    Hi guys,

    I just got a new client for SEO but i want to know if SEO ranking is an ongoing management process or when you achieve the fist page ranking that's about it.

    If it is ongoing what does it entails after ranking first page on search engines?
    Definitely you need to make sure that the rankings are maintained especially after the algorithm changes and monitor the back-linking profile on a consistent basis..some links disappear so you need to replace them with others and so on..there may be a certain competitor that builds more links than you and update the content so that he's getting better've got the idea..there will always be a battle for the top 3 positions in google's rankings..
    Anyway.. we can see already a trend in the SEO world..the sites that rank well in the big niches tend become bigger and bigger (authority sites) with large budgets and teams making almost impossible for the smaller sites to rank on the first page in google...
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    You can rank your client's website for many keywords. Let's imagine the utopic scenario where you would rank number 1 for all the targeted keywords. Then, it would probably be a little bit more difficult to persuade your client to keep paying but like stated earlier, competition never sleeps and Google always evolves...

    However, let's imagine the utopic scenario of ranking number 1 everywhere. Even then, focusing on key performance indicators other than rankings could still help you to increase the perceived value of the service you provide and it would motivate you to improve your provided results.

    By the way, forget people who tell you that they pity your client. We all started somewhere and if you are eager to learn, you love what you do and you have strong work ethics, you will succeed!

    Nicolas Roy
    Warrior For Hire

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    The duration depends on your keyword selection and its competition rate. After all, it completely depends on the strategies you are using to rank your keywords.
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    Yep, agree.. SEO is a never ending process. Like you give water to a tree, you will need to continue building the links. Hope that helps.
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    Yes totally agreed with Eve, Seo is never ending process as for rankings it depends on how much keywords have competition but mainly we can say 3-4 months would be sufficient to get rankings for the keywords.
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    Thanks to Yukon, Shaun Marrs and expmrb for recognizing that this is truly a sad and alarming situation.

    I can't believe the rest of you answered the question. This person is stealing money from someone, pretending to be an SEO expert, and you're aiding and abetting the criminal.
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  • First, you learn to SEO
    before you got any kind of SEO project
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    6 months

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  • Its a continuous process.
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    yes, of course thy SEO is never ending process, so first you learn about SEo work in companies for a year or two to know how the ranking comes.

    The time for ranking depends on so many factors like some of them are here -

    1. Depend son how competitive the keyword is
    2. What kind of business
    3. How to approach, means what kind of strategy is created with on-page and off-page
    4. Do regular link building...
    5. follow all the search engine rules
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    I will put it like this. SEO is ongoing process and will always need to keep up with the competition which means you will have to do SEO as far as your business exits
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