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I was going to create this into an extensive guide and sell it but decided against it and have mostly a few bullet points with some explanations. I think this right here is really enough for anyone trying to understand how to do on page SEO the right way.

Make sure your content is ALWAYS a minimum of 1000 words. Longer content is better content in googles eyes which has been proven by many studies you can look up on your own if you don't believe me

Use keyword in H1 and H2 tags. If you are using wordpress which most people will be, this is done automatically.

Use keyword at beginning of title and modifiers or variations at end. I personally like to make my titles long, some people don't believe in it.

Example title for keyword weight loss product:

Best weight loss product review for men and women in 2018- (with "best" and "review" being your modifiers)

The reason I like to do this is because sometimes you end up ranking for all sorts of terms surrounding the title such as best weight loss product for women, best weight loss product for men, best weight loss product 2018, so on and so on.

Long titles do not mean long URLs, I keep those short and targeting the main keyword or a LSI keyword which I'll touch on in a sec.

Make sure your site loads fast. Slow loading increases bounce rate.

Add images/videos when relevant. For images make sure to use the keyword in the file name as well as the alt text. The alt text is basically what google can read from your image. Try to add at least 1 youtube video to your post if possible.

Never write your content trying to stuff your keywords. Write the content with SEO in mind but do all the real keyword adding after your content is created.

Keyword density isn't all too important as it used to be but I still use it. It only take a few seconds to calculate the keyword density of your top 10 competition to see what yours should be. Use Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool you have to register and create an account but it only takes a minute or 2.

Use LSI keywords throughout your content. LSI keywords are words or phrases that are semantically related to each other. I'm not going to explain all about them, just make sure you use them in your content at least 3 times per 1k words, preferably once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph and another time somewhere else. Other good places to use LSI keywords are in your anchor text, meta tags, or page titles. Here is free tool to find lsi keywords - https://lsigraph.com/. Just type in your root keyword and it will spit them out.

Interlink content - minimum of 2 internal links and 1 outbound link per post

Some other things you want to focus on is how is your content laid out to your visitor? Is it in a good readable format? Does it keep them on the page? (along with having a lot of content)

And finally...

What is the purpose of your website? Or better question, how are you monetizing it? Are you an amazon affiliate? Google AdSense? One thing that I wont go into here but that is crucial to your success is your conversion rate optimization which factors into how your site is laid out plus other factors.

If you use all of these tips, your on page SEO will be better than 99% of the websites out there.

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    Most of my SEO strategy same with your answer.I have a question about your answer, What di you think about Competitors analysis. My SEO on page is strong but make quality and effective back links from top competitors.
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      Originally Posted by vinodroy View Post

      Most of my SEO strategy same with your answer.I have a question about your answer, What di you think about Competitors analysis. My SEO on page is strong but make quality and effective back links from top competitors.
      You have to do competitor analysis or else you don't now what you're up against
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    When it comes to OnPage always remember that the website has different needs to improve its performance to the web especially for the target users.
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    Nice tips. This is going to be my SEO strategy in 2018...
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    On Page SEO

    1)SEO stands merely for Search Engine Optimisation. This is where you construct your web page(s) and implement some On page SEO tactics OR On page SEO strategies to help you rank as high as possible on search engine result pages.

    2) The higher your pages can stand on Google/Yahoo/Bing etc. Results pages will finally increase page rank fast & more traffic your site is likely to get.

    3) On-Page SEO leads to all the things that you can do on your website to serve you rank greater, such as page titles, internal linking, Meta tags & descriptions, etc.

    Here are few main on-page seo techniques.

    1) Page Titles:

    1. Your page titles are one of the standard critical factors on your site.

    Each page or post should have its unique title which includes targeted & main keywords for that page.

    2) Meta Descriptions

    1. Many forget to include Meta descriptions for their pages.

    2. These descriptions are famous places to add relevant keywords to your content as these are used in the search results when your page is listed.

    3) Meta Tags:

    1. For individually of your pages, you can include a collection of keywords in the form of meta tags. These should be all the related keywords of your content which you researched previously.

    2. Use a WordPress plugin on your sites called 'All in One SEO Pack'. This allows you to enter all of your Meta tag keywords, Meta descriptions and page titles.

    3. This inserts merely all of the information into your HTML page format for you, making your life a little easier.

    4) URL Structure:

    1. Including search engine kind URLs for each of your pages which can bring better crawling.

    2. Shorter URLs seem to perform better in search engine results. However, that is not the only factor.

    3.URLs that include targeted keywords also work better. The location of these keywords can also be a better impact.

    5) Body Tags:

    1) When composing your articles, you should break up your content into shorter sections & paragraphs to make it simpler for people to read. These regions can be given heading, which is where H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.

    2) H1 tags are stored for your main page title, with subsequent headings being emitted H2, H3, H4 etc.

    3) Search engines use these to define what is important within your content. This is why keyword strong headlines are more valuable than generic ones.

    4) Make sure you write keyword strong headings in the order of priority in H1, H2 and H3 tags. It can be used by many crawlers to differentiate relevant content.

    6) Image SEO

    1) Using images within your content is a great way to make your site more visually appealing and break up dull parts of the text. You can utilize these images to help improve your site SEO.

    2) All your uploaded images have titles, so use them just the same as your page titles. Including important keywords can help people find your site when searching for Google Images.

    3) You can also includeAlt Text and Descriptions for your images, making them even more useful.

    7) Keyword Density:

    1) Including essential keywords everywhere in your content is very important as it helps search engines pull out what your content is about. Try not to repeat and misuse keywords just for search engine robots immensely. This can lead to your site being banned from search engines.

    2) To bypass this, try to keep your keyword density to roughly 2-5%.

    8) Internal Linking

    Placing links to your other website pages is an excellent way of improving your site to be appropriately used. Internal link scan is a useful weapon in your SEO arsenal. Not only does it make it much easier for your visitors to navigate around your site and find all your content but also ensures that your website gets appropriately crawled allowing search engines to see all your pages.
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    1.Meta Tags
    2.URL Structure
    3.Use robots.txt
    5.Use Alt tags for Image
    6.Internal Linking
    7.Heading Tags
    8.Quality content
    9.301 redirection
    10.Page speed
    11.Mobile friendly
    12.Canonical Tag
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      Amazing, I thankful you sharing a very important updates for SEO technique. I really appreciate your knowledge and awareness in SEO, I didn't add image description. I got this idea from your answer. Thanks for sharing.
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          Thanks, I am looking for those updates who really grow me in which SEO is big opportunity in marketing Industry for online businesses.
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    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the techniques that used to drive more traffic to the website through obtaining the high-rank in the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and being etc.

    Do you know? SEO techniques are changing day by day. Therefore, you need to stay up to date with SEO techniques, to be visible to the target audience and see the peak performance of your website.

    1.Meta Tags- there are some of the HTML keywords that don't appear on SERP but remain in the code of your page and play a vital role in optimization of a web-page. Your Meta tags HTML code should also the targeted and appropriate keywords related to the content given on the page.

    2.Page Titles- it is also called Meta-title that plays a vital role in SEO techniques. First of all, you have to see whether all pages and posts of your website are having appropriate and unique titles. Apart from it, these titles should include the targeted keywords to your web-page.

    3. Meta Descriptions- Meta descriptions help you and the searcher to visit your site easily. Basically, it is the snippet of information given below the link to the search result in SERP. It describes the purpose of your business.

    4. URL Structure- URL Structure is one of the main factors of On-Page SEO for your website ranking. Therefore, you should use search engine friendly URLs for better results. The URL that includes targeted keywords and also well-optimized always work better as it makes brand recalling easy.

    Most recommended URL Structure is as follows:

    • Permanent Links: there should be a unique URL for each page.
    • User Sitemap: it contains the structure of a website.

    5.Keyword Density- in facet the relevant keywords should be mentioned in the website content but should be limited, in case you mention more than limit the search engines would spam your website. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your keyword density up to 2% only and it should also be a mix of Latent Semantic Indexing.
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    Yes please do make sure that you have a fast loading page. Nothing turns me off more then waiting around while it loads. No one wants to wait or has the time to wait. Great write up!
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    Really Amazing thread lot to learn from this thread...
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    Check our Services Here
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    This my first time here and honestly your content about the on page seo impress me cause am also an seo expert and i also learnt something that i can go and fix on my site Ipafrica
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    There are following tips for On page site:
    1. Use SEO-Friendly URLs.
    2. Avoid ugly URLs: backlinko.com/p=123. ...
    3. Start Title With Keyword.
    4. Add Modifiers To Your Title.
    5. Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag.
    6. Dazzle with Multimedia.
    7. Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags.
    8. Drop Keyword in First 100 Words.
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    Nice one.

    On-page SEO is the most important process for better ranking and for a successful internet marketing campaigns.
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    thanks you
    I have done all thing for my site.
    I've got valuable link for my site as well.
    But in one keyword, my progress is so low!why!
    Anyone has an idea to solve this?
    bunch of thanks
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  • Thank you for your suggestion very helpful content. One more thing we can include in our content is to use 1 keyword in bold , 1 in italic , and 1 in underline in first 300 words of content.
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    Improve engagement to improve rankings
    Make your existing pages longer
    Focus on YouTube SEO
    Improve site speed
    Focus on topics instead of keywords
    Build backlinks
    Reporting and analytics
    Technical optimization
    Local SEO and Listings
    Guest posting.
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    This is so clear to understand content you added. Every important parts added here. It will be helpful for who are new in this profession. For monetizing website affiliate marketing is working well.
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    Add rich snippets. It is the main change i suppose according to recent studies for 2017
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    Thank you for your suggestion very helpful content for us.because at present my site ruining on page SEO.
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    Thanks for these tips..
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  • 8 Essential On-Page SEO Tips for 2018
    Start With The Perfect Title Tag. A solid on-page SEO strategy begins with selecting the most effective title tags for your content. ...
    Don't Neglect Your Meta Descriptions. ...
    Optimize Your Images For On-Page SEO. ...
    Choose A Relevant URL. ...
    Link Back To Your Previous Posts/Content.
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    Appreciate! thank you for this good content. It helps me a lot in the future.
    Keep writing and sharing good content thanks.
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    You can follow these On-Page SEO Tips for 2018

    1. Start With The Perfect Title & Meta Tag
    2. Keyword Research
    3. Choose A Relevant URL
    4. Optimize Your Images
    5. Website Structure & Internal Linking
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    nice work. I appreciate you.
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    Thanks, very valuable content it helps me a lot.
    Keep sharing good information.
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    very helpful post for Search engine optimization. Thanks for sharing info Keep posting
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    Visitors Engagment is key parameter to make website on top of SERP

    Internet marketing and web designing excellence
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    Thanks for the tips.
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    On page optimization is related to internal elements of your website which makes it search engine friendly. So, here are some onpage SEO factrs that we need to focus in 2018 -
    1. Title Tags
    2. Meta Tags
    3. Heading Tags
    4. URL Structure
    5. Internal Linking
    6. External Linking
    7. Keywords Density and Relevancy
    8. Word Count Per Post
    9. Schema.org Markup
    10. Image Optimization
    11. Page Load Speed
    12. Mobile Friendly/Responsive Website
    13. AMP Pages

    Want to Future-Proof Your Online Business? Make Your Website SEO Friendly. Click here -> https://www.radon-media.com/services...-optimization/

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    Mobile SEO is more important than ever, given that a growing number of search queries are conducted on mobile devices. In fact, Google has just announced that there are officially more search queries conducted on mobile devices than on personal computers. Businesses need to get in tune with mobile audiences by optimizing sites and content specifically for them. Creating a responsive site that automatically adapts to mobile settings is a key way to not only improve the experience of your mobile users, but earn Google's mobile-friendly distinction
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  • On page SEO tips are

    Meta description
    Meta Keywords
    URL structure
    404 Error page
    301 Redirection
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    These are the best on-page SEO tips:

    Start With The Perfect Title Tag
    Don't Neglect Your Meta Descriptions
    Optimize Your Images For On-Page SEO
    Choose A Relevant URL
    Link Back To Your Previous Posts/Content

    I hope it helps you.

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    Great tips. I learned many things from it. My question is "how to do competitive analysis"
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    On page SEO tips 2018

    Meta Description
    Meta Keywords
    URL Structure
    301 Redirection
    404 Error page
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    Thanks for sharing on Page SEO Tips For 2018, It helps me lot!!!
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    Great advices but a very good factor that you forget its content value .Google crawlers can see ow people react to your content ,hey leave fast you loose ranking if you have awesome content and people enjoy it be sure that google will take this in consideration
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    All great info. Thanks all members for sharing.
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    Amazing answer. Your SEO suggest really helpful. And you know the Unique Article is the most effective for Google Ranking.
    Have a nice work.
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    I grateful that you discussing an upgrade for search engine optimization strategy. I love your wisdom and comprehension '' I did not incorporate picture description. I received this concept.
    Special thanks for your bits of help.
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    Really it's very informative, many of us can apply to our websites SEO. Thanks for sharing.
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    On page SEO tips 2018

    Meta Description
    Meta Keywords
    URL Structure
    301 Redirection
    404 Error page
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  • Hi!!!What is mean by goal in google analytics tool?This is important from google analytics to SEO?
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    Good to find this thread as On Page SEO Tips For 2018 but does this On Page SEO Tips will also be more helpful in 2019 as 2019 & new changes are just ready to take over on the thing?
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    Any tips for 2019?
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    Its good to know about this... thanks for sharing the informative pin...
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