How to do Blog submission for our website to increase ranking ?

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i have some blog submission list but i have no idea how to submit my site their for seo. Please tell me the process of submission.
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    If you wanna try guest posting then you have to make contact to the site owners first. They will tell you what to do.
    SEO Motionz Forum & Blog- Digital Marketing Forum & Blog,
    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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    You know, blog submission is the best way to get more traffic to your website. You can share your product related content on Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Medium etc. A blog is the best way to increase traffic to your site.
    First of all, you can sign to your google account.
    Now, you can select your blogger and choose the domain name of your blogger.
    Now, you can click on the "OK Button".
    Click on the add new post button.
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    First of all you have to select any blog submission site.Then signup there.Go to your account then select "submit blog" and then paste your all blog related content and there you will find option of hyperlink, if you get that option there you can paste your site URL, or if you didn't get hyperlink option then you can target keywords related your site.
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    I think you should go for guest posting. Contact the admin for a site with good traffic. Also. share your posting on social media to drive on additional traffic
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    If you are going for free blog submissions then you can check so many lists of blog submission sites having Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Livejournal, Wix, Wikispaces, Jimdo and many more. You can simply sign up by choosing your sub-domain and entering an email address. After making a free blog you can simply customize it. In that case, I will suggest you to choose WordPress as there are so many of customized themes available on it. After making the blog you can post your content also can share it on Social Media.

    if you are going for guest posting you may not be allowed to post directly on their sites. You have to contact the admin of the page first and they might ask you for your previous submitted work. After reviewing your work they might allow you to post on their site possibly. But in that case, you must have to post genuine, unique content with proper keyword density.
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    Add SEO'd articles with anchor text back to your main site from wordpress, blogger, weebly, or as many as you can maintain.

    It's a lot of work. You'll have to provide good content or no one will take a second look.
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    Process of submission content on a blog, some of them are below:

    >Make title very attractive, if you can add keywords in title then it will be very useful.
    >Make nice description for your blog, it should be focus on your audience's choice.
    >Research keyword position, which keywords ranking are high use those keywords in the description.
    >You can share your blog in different social media sites.
    These are some methods of blog submission and very effective for increase ranking for a website.
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    I think you should focus on content than content marketing.

    Content marketing must for 2018. Make sure that, you must use image, video, youtube, lsi keyword and so on.
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    Blog Submission a still a better way to increase site rankings. But before submission have a look on your blog again and again. Create your blog unique and play with the keywords. Submitting your blog to the high pr directories will help you in multiples ways:
    1. Your blog will be exposed to the new audience
    2. Traffic from blog directories is highly targeted.
    3. You will be generating a good number of backlinks to your blog.
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    In SEO blog submission is one of the major activities that one can perform to increase website traffic and ranking. But video content has been the most engaging and interactive kind till date.Push and promote them across all possible channels to the point that they go viral. So i think you should start using it to get ranking and traffic.
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    I think you should go for guest posting.
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    Hi, I understood your situation once you collect related data go for high DA site example wordpress, weebly, and quora. initially you have to create an acc then you go for your blog post concepts here few things you have to recall regarding seo 1. title of your blog post 2. description 3. keywords finally seo friendly url. In all things your content must be unique one.
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    Try this cheap guide, it really saves time and do the job The New SEO Guide
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    If you are looking for blog submission, then there are lots of sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc here you can simply sign up and then after you can submit your blogs. But if you want
    to submit your blogs as a Guest Posting, then firstly contact with third party member through the contact us form, when you follow their guidelines then you can submit your blogs.
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    You have need to follow some steps for the blog submission:
    1. List of High DA/PA Website With Niche
    2. Create the content 450 - 800 with including the targeted keywords.
    3. Keyword Density should be 1 - 1% and Rich & Unique Content.
    4. Contact the Website Webmaster and ask for free submission, if it give permission then mail the content. They will update the content in the related category and like as it helps to increase DA/PA and keyword ranking.
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    You must post Blog on your website on regular time with new update with unique content which help get good ranking
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