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Any one please explain about RankBrain Algorithm and How its work?
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    RankBrain is the only live Artificial Intelligence (AI) that Google uses in its search results. While Google uses machine learning to teach the algorithms, AI isn't being used in the wild - and for good reason. If search broke, Google's engineers would have no clue how to fix it.
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      I think that AI is very near in the future and that AI will soon have the central place for the search engines as well. Today they already made AIs which are so developed that they can recognize and learn from literally everything. Not sure if this will be good and how it can turns out but we will see...
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    You could take a look at https://searchengineland.com/faq-all...gorithm-234440 which is pretty comprehensive. I don't know any more than what is described there.

    Incidentally, the author is now employed by Google.
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    Rankbrain uses machine learning to:

    â--¾Interpret the user query
    â--¾Determine search intent
    â--¾Select results (items) from the databases
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    Rankbrain is the component of google's core algorithm which uses machine learning to determine the most relevent result in search engine queries.
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    RankBrain is an algorithm learning artificial intelligence system. It helps Google to process search results and provide more relevant search results for users.
    Google has stated that it uses tensor processing unit (TPU) ASICs for processing RankBrain requests.
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    Yes , there is a site where you can easily understand RankBrain veey easily just go to this url
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    Nice post... It's very helpful for me. Rank brain is a new algorithm updated
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    Rankbrain is the component of google's core algorithm
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    First things first.... RankBrain is NOT a part of the Google "Live" Algorithm. It is a separate offline process. ( See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RankBrain ) What is learned in this process is somehow someway ( a database filled with entities.. being people places and things ) then injected back into how Google determines how to display / rank pages.

    When reading the articles on the subject you get the idea that in 2015 they subjected RankBrain and its process to about 15% of the querries.... but this being a learning application, One can better than assume at this point its run or being run across 100% of searches. ( There are indications by reading searchland etc, that this is the case )

    When you look at one of the Google directives being "Strings to Things" you can see how RankBrain would fall into place, and become the 3rd most important rank signal. There are words, there are links, and then there is the learned meaning of those words.

    Think of it this way.. what seperates "Red Apple" from "Red Apple" one is a phone, and the other would be a fruit... it all comes down to intent of the end user. RankBrain is the process that determines that intent.

    Back not so many years ago.. in SEO we would use "LSI" Terms... As I understand it, LSI terms were a somewhat static list of terms. basically a list of synonyms. As much as it was a good thing there was inherant flaws.... Terms like "boat" and "ship" had pretty parallel meanings, but understanding the english language, you would know the 2 terms are pretty far apart.

    RankBrain, is far better at understanding the difference between the 2 ( "boat" and "ship" ) to the point that it may actually hurt your SEO efforts if the LSI terms you are using are a stretch.

    An example I have recently seen a shift in... "Ford Lorry" Ford is what it is, and Lorry would be a UK term for the word "Truck" Until recently if you typed that term... you would get Listings related to the UK version of Ford lorry's / trucks. Do the same search today and it is a bit of a different story - you get listings for "Ford trucks" in the mix.

    I am kinda waiting for the day that Australias "Ute" gets the once over in the same manor that "Lorry" did.

    So the question becomes what can we do to optimize for this ( RankBrain )? Googles answer is to "Write Naturally". I would say it goes a bit deeper than that.... yes write naturally, but when you are using "LSI" terms be a bit more selective and ensure that the terms you are using are within the same scope of meaning as the keyword being targetted.
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