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Can anyone give me a correct way to bring my keywords in top regarding OFF page techniques? I am getting more number of suggestions regarding this in different ways.. I am completed confused. The answers i got were,
1. Focus on link building (Directory submission, bookmarking, blog commenting)
2. Focus on Guest blogging forums
3. some says focus on Paid links
4. Some focus on taking internal links

It will be more helpful for me , if i get a correct to way in bringing my keywords to top.
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    Try guest blogging in other blogs, try broken link building and customized PBN's.
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    Do link building activities like you have mentioned Directory submission, social bookmarking, etc. That will help you but use only those sites which are having high DA. Never choose low quality site. You can also use guest blogging, blog commenting and one more thing is social media marketing.
    Hope this will help you.
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    Read Brian Dean's Backlinko Blog.
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    Try to get press, that's my main source of backlinks. I've got backlinks from the BBC, CNET, Lifehacker, Makeuseof, MSNBC and loads more for my various sites. It only takes a good email copy to send out to bloggesr and the press and a interesting product or story.
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    Hi, I would like to suggest some seo off page activities I think u know very well here few for your reference
    1. Bookmarking
    2. Blog sharing
    3. Guest blogging
    4. Classified Submission
    5. Image sharing
    I think if you follow these all step means surely you will get new backlink for your website.
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    I respect all user reply, but it's 2018! so the method listed below can't be more effective. It's better to do Guest Blogging, but target your own niche. Write good and appealing content and share.

    Guest Blogging
    Make good Infographic and submit
    Buy some good product and get a chance to add testimonial
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    Can you explain me how broken link building works?
    Whether it is useful?
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    Can i continue in building links using Directory, bookmark , blog commenting
    these still have values or not.

    Suggest me some latest methods to for link building, that helps me in brining my keywords top
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      this method does not work in 2018!
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    No, try something new, Directory submission, bookmark, blog commenting have no value in 2018 !!
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    Thank you fro your suggestion can you list me with some of the new off page techniques in 2018
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      I will suggest you only one method,

      Sponsor some good events or Scholarship you will get effective result !!
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    Okay thank you
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    Nowadays guest posting is top notch method for off page seo, and according to seo professionals this method is very effective right now. Beside it infographic submission, book marking, pdf submission works nice too. Another thing is paid thing is works nice on these days, if you want to rank up your site then you have spend some bucks for it. And beside it doing off page seo in high DA site is very effective.
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    For improving the website ranking, you have need to follow blogs, guest posting, social bookmarking, PPT Submission, Infographics, Articles, etc. Social media also help you to promote your business.....
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    You ask a big question my friend, there is no one answer for this and this is why you get a lot of answers, the SEO off page is hard work. and this world changes a lot. so one thing can work for you today and tomorrow not. google today want to give the best answers to the user's query.

    SEO off page is:
    1.backlinking (and you can get them by posting on blogs, articles etc.)
    2. you need a good content on your site with good internal links.
    3. you need a good website that works OK and responsive one is better.
    4. https.

    so it's like a puzzle that you need few parts to get your KW up at tranking, I hope you did a KW research?

    you can read good things on professional SEO blogs.
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    update your content every month
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    I will suggest to do Articles submissions, Guest postings and Social bookmarking as much as you can with qualitative and unique content. As I follow all this things.
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    Off page SEO will improve your website's position in Search Engine. It will tell Google what other people think about your site. Based on the links that you have on your site, the search engine assumes that you have great content.
    Here are some more resources on some of the most successful and best link building techniques around.

    The Skyscraper Technique (Recommended)
    Resource Page Link Building (Recommended)
    Broken Link Building (Recommended)
    Link Reclamation/Social Mentions/Brand Monitoring
    Guestographics & Reverse Image Search (Recommended)
    Guest Posting (Recommended)
    Need Quality Backlinks: Check Out How To Buy Quality Backlinks in 2018?
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