How To Drive Traffic on website ?

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hey warriors !! what apart from SEO and backlinks is required to drive traffic to my website . and how much time does it take to index backlinks .
One More question regarding traffic , even i had crawled google bots to maximum , the number of links indexed for my website are pretty low .
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    If you don't use PING tool or google console to submit your backlink, it will be long for your backlink to be indexed.
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  • You can check first keyword ranking of your website
    and if you get low traffic in your keywords
    then work on
    First, you should create backlinks from social bookmarking and microblogging
    Backlinks are able to boost up your website traffic
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    The answer to this question depends on how authoritative your website is.
    Driving traffic to a site that has been around for some time with authority can be easier than driving traffic to a site that may have only 5 pages.... in that case you need to work at building up your site.

    - I would start by updating content on existing pages and answer questions to the keyword / phrase you are trying to target.
    - I would then try and include in your articles, related words (LSI) to the keyword you are targeting (you can do this by typing on Google the Keyword you are trying to target and at the bottom of the page you will see Google "Search Related" which will bold some words.... if these words are related to your keyword, then use them).
    - Try and break up the article so that it does not display big blocks of text. So add images, sub-headers, tables etc. This makes it easier for the reader to absorb the info and therefore they are more likely to stay on your pages longer (something Google monitors and considers a ranking factor)

    Off-page (backlinking)
    At this stage you will want to find websites related to your niche (relevance) that has some traffic on them. Finding guest post services that can write up an article and post on these guest posts with a do-follow link back to your page, this will help start building the authority of your website.

    The higher the authority gets, the easier (within limits) you are able to rank. You will also find that Google will likely crawl your site more. Google will use most of its resources for authority sites it believes helps answer the questions of people.

    I would probably update the article before getting the backlinks so it looks more natural.
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    This forum topic might help How to optimize your site for seo
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    get backling to guestposting ,
    directary submission ,
    blog commenting
    classified site
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    1. Analyze your competitor's website.
    2. Broken link building method
    3. Referral traffics
    4. Include SEO friendly URL's
    5. Use Outbound links
    6. Wrap Subheadings in H2 tags
    7. Boost site speed
    8. Add LSI keywords
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    find guest posting sites and be sure the offpage submission you do must generate a dofollow links
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    For get more and more traffic for your website you should make some high quality backlink for your website..
    Also you can make very professional and attractive social media ads design and then share this in different social media like as facebook,twitter,reddit.pinterest and so .
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    Here is some way to drive traffic to the website.

    1. Perform On-Page SEO
    2. Get Listed
    3. Post to Social Media with Hashtags
    4. Use Landing Pages
    5. Target Long-Tail Keywords
    6. Start Email Marketing
    7. Advertise Online
    8. Guest Blog
    9. Engage Online
    10. Learn from Your Analytics

    Hope it helps you.
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    There is no such thing one part to drive more traffic to a website, you need to do a lot of things (and not a spam stuff) to get up at the KW ranking.
    If you are looking for shortcuts be aware that Google algorithm is very smart and if you don't do it right you can get penalized.
    I can suggest to you to start by thinking if your content gives an answer to your readers and then use your KW in there. this is a starting point, but before that be sure that you have a good website that works well and responsive.
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    Re. Traffic: Go for Adwords, Sponsored Ads on your niche websites if you are done with SEO i.e. backlinking process.

    There could be lots of reasons that site is not getting indexed - links structure, content type, heavy images, page speed and so on.
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