Moving Blogs From One Site To Another Without Losing SEO Value

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I know there are good articles that explain how to move an entire domain to a new address without losing any SEO value, but I can't seem to find anything about what would change in this process if I only wanted to move some content from one site to another?

I'm working with a client who has a new site being developed (for a large national audience), so that their current site can focus on driving local leads only.

I want to know how to get their highest performing blogs on to the new national site without losing the excellent keyword rankings we've achieved over the past couple of years on their current site (which is the site moving to the extremely local focus).

Any tips and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    Assuming the blog articles you want to move are the things that are ranking well for the keyword phrases, you can't move them to another site and expect the current site to retain rankings for those phrases.
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    You can do this for instance. 301 redirect them to the new site. But here is a fact that whenever any user comes to visit that page it will be shown in the national site but not in the local one.
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    Exactly as would happen if you moved the whole website.

    Just 301 redirect the URLs but try to avoid endless chain redirects (it has a negative impact on page load). Also try to minimise duplication between the national and local.
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