How do I find the list queries on Google Analytics that helped in conversions the most?

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I've been looking into my GA data for organic/google conversions and trying to figure our if I could find the keywords that helped in conversions. However, the multi-channel assisted conversion funnel report isn't doing much good.(I'm getting much of "not set" type of values.)

The type of report that I'd like to have is like Search Console -> Queries with Conversion Values for the listed Keywords. Is there any way I can find that out?
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    You really can't get that data anymore. Google is hiding almost all search query information now. You can make some guesses based on other things but the days of knowing what keywords people are even using to find your website are long gone.
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    You don't. Analytics hasn't passed the keyword referrer for a very long time.

    Search console is the only way to get a rough indication on the types of keywords you're ranking for.
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