When rel canonical tag used, which page does Google considers for ranking and indexing?

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Hi community,

We have redesigned our website and launched for A/B testing using canonical tags from old website to new website pages, so there will be no duplicate content issues and new website will be shown to the half of the website visitors successfully to calculate the metrics. However I wonder how actually Google considers it? Which pages Google will crawl and index to consider for ranking? Please share your views on this for better optimisation.

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    Originally Posted by michealtech View Post

    Which pages Google will crawl and index to consider for ranking?
    Would you believe that there is no little man with set of abacus,
    wearing +5 glasses, green baseball cap and bow tie at Google
    who is choosing what is useful and what is not for G. Bots to crawl?

    Job of Google's Bots is to grab every piece of information regardless
    where it comes from including piece of toilet paper and as to ranking,
    it all depends on what it says.

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    I dont understand your question. If i have a page available on two URLs, url A and url B but both pages say urlA is the canonical version then google will consider urlA as the "definitive" url for that page.
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    When the cannonical tag is used then the url mentioned in the tag is preferred one and google consider that as genuine url.
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