Google is not Indexing updates contents, what's wrong?

by Upakar
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Hello everyone, it's been months that I am trying to optimize SEO for my website. I have optimized it for both mobile and desktop. Analysing in page speed insights, it shows good optimization in both mobile and desktop. I update my content regularly. I am using keywords where it is needed not more not less. I have not over optimized it. Google is not indexing or updating its index.
What is the issue with my site? Can anybody help me with this?
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    Look out for the sitemap updation
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      Sitemap isn't the signal for Google bots. In many cases after few days I had 100-200-7000 indexed pages but only 10-20-1000 pages on sitemap.
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    Are you sure that Google bots even visiting your site?
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      Please see the screenshot below.
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    Google bots are visiting and some of the pages are indexed but most of them are not.

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      its takes time dude google updates pages of your website daily this 16 out of 68 will increase day by day
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    Are you using external indexing tools?
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      No, I've not.
      I'm only using Google webmasters
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    if you are using wordpress, try Yoast SEO or try using google xml sitemaps and include the pages which you want to rank on google or try using a new sitemap on google web master tools, by using google xml sitemap or yoast seo in wordpress
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      I did it using a new sitemap on google webmaster tools. After that, the result is same shown above on screenshot.
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    You can try to use the function "Fetch as Google" in Seach Console to let Google index your pages manually.
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    Signup at Google Webmaster tool hope fully you will get your answer there
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    Can anybody review my website and find the solution? My website is

    With best regards
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    The Google Search Console doesn't update live and can be anywhere from a day to a few weeks late in counting indexed posts/pages.

    When I "Fetch" my posts they are indexed within seconds. The Console will show the post as submitted but not indexed for another day or two.

    When I did a site: it says 207 results. That includes some of your Page 2 of 5 type of posts. Do that search yourself and you may find that all of your posts really are indexed.

    The Search Console seems to be getting more unreliable and even a little whacky. I was showing a position 1 for a word like baloon for several weeks and the word is nowhere on my site and not even remotely related.

    Do the search if you really want to know what is indexed or even search a specific post by entering

    If you find that some are not indexed create some internal links to them, do a "Fetch" again and click the lower dial that says something like 'Crawl including links' and then also resubmit your sitemap.
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  • Google's Fetch tool often does the trick of having the page indexed in seconds or minutes. Just choose the Fetch As Google option, choose to fetch and render.

    Input the url and that should do it. To confirm, type in your keyword on google and include your domain name plus the extension at the end.

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    I will try all the things what you guys have suggested me to do and will update the results.
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