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Hey guys, hope you're all doing well

I was thinking about profitable niche that has a low competition and found out a niche so called "Dark Web" or "Deep Web".
So, this niche is a bit tricky, there is no competition since there is a lack of sites in this field. So, I was thinking about to start working on it.

I was thinking since Google adsense won't give me ads on this niche, to start with affiliate network. But, later on I was like..hey why not to give a try with adsense?

Surprisingly, I got approved for adsense :O...Even I was amazed, so I was thinking to start working on SEO on this website instead of sharing it on social media like everyone else.
Now, I've tried to set up the SEO as good as I can but still, since I'm not an expert, I would like to know your thinking about it.

Please review my website at

So I have the following questions

What do you think about this website?
How good is the SEO?
What else should I implement in my SEO and what am I missing?
How to rank higher on google?
Are there any tricks?
Where to share my website?
How to get higher organic traffic?

I would really appreciate if you could please provide me a helpful answers to my questions.

Thank you in advance!
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