How to surpass competitor on the first page of Google?

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Hy there! I'm working with a client that has about 12 sites (including his social media profiles), all about himself and his projects. My issue is that, at one point, one high DR publication wrote an article about him (not that complimentary, truth be told) and no matter how much SEO work I do, the publication seems to be stuck somewhere between the 3rd-6th positions in Google (for brand related searches). I have created content, optimized it based on relevant keywords, performed technical on-site SEO, added AMP, structured data and some backlinks. What is your opinion? I'm really curious how you would approach this situation - removing a site from the first page of Google (with the help of 10+ sites that are all focused on branded keywords). Thanks in advance!
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    Hi OneEyedSeagull,

    Honestly; I would not trust your client as far as I could throw him if he did *not* have a negative review or article about him here or there LOL.

    Who with any scale or clout online or offline skirts negative reviews? No one.

    Negative reviews make Page 1 of Google, pop up on Amazon as eBook reviews and pervade social media too.

    I feel more confident in someone if they have a high profile negative article or 2 about them; shows the individual has some clout, that they're bringing up negativity in folks and since all criticism is a projection I know it's 100% about the unhappy, unclear critic and 0% about the person featured in the review/article.

    On the flip side, trying to manipulate Google results to suggest your client is:

    - perfect
    - negative review free

    will invariably lead to problems because what you fear follows you around like a little puppy.

    Besides; the cream always rises to the top. Over time, as he continues to excel and expand his presence, the positive articles outweigh the negative and dominate Page 1, and may just push the negative reviews down a few pages. But if it doesn't, no worries.

    Just my take of course

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Ok.! So, it seems like you have explored many of the methods why don't you try a content of more than 3000-4000 words. As google gives importance to the unique content.
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    Thanks for the input, Ryan!
    It's true, it's really hard to avoid criticism, especially as a public person. Clients can, however, not find this thing as "normal" or "expected", especially when they feel they are losing valuable leads due to these reviews. Sure hope that, in time, he will surpass this result.
    Have a nice day!
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