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Hi all,

What should be the strategy if a person has just started working on a fresh SEO project where no link building has ever done. How can make a website crawled by Google as the website is just developed.

Need Advice.
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      Do you have any method to find do follow backlink
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        By using tools like (seo profiler, Ahrefs) you can find the do follow back links
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    Hi Sunil HC,

    The best way to build links to a new site; do so by slowly, patiently and generously creating helpful content on a wide range of online channels.

    Buy a domain and hosting for a self-hosted WP dot org blog. Publish helpful content related to the niche, solving reader problems.

    Build bonds with top bloggers in the niche by helping them out. Over time, friendships develop, and you will gain invites to guest post on these blogs, as you improve your writing skills.

    Create helpful content on YouTube, through Soundcloud, through Twitter and on Facebook Groups and Google Plus communities.

    Good, quality backlinks and stellar search engine placement takes time. Meaning months, then years, of doing things the right way my friend.

    All the folks dominating page 1 for competitive or semi-competitive keywords had a long term vision, and have been rewarded for their value sharing and friendship-building skills.

    Good things take time

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    You can start by setting up a Google Search Console account and submitting a sitemap. Google Analytics should also be set up. Linking to pages from Google+ will get them crawled immediately.
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    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox Business News, the NY Times & Flippa
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    First, make sure on-site / On-page, SEO is done properly. if On site is done, start doing Bookmarking on high authority sites. submit your site to google search console for crawling.
    Custom Search engine submission will help you to crawl your site within 2 days.

    Originally Posted by Sunil Healthcare View Post

    Hi all,

    What should be the strategy if a person has just started working on a fresh SEO project where no link building has ever done. How can make a website crawled by Google as the website is just developed.

    Need Advice.
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    Add your domain to your google account and step by step optimized it for SEO. Research keyword and optimized resources for rank up keyword.
    Signup Domain Plan & Create Online Identity at no cost
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    Thanks for the valuable suggestions experts.
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    Just add it to google webmaster and wait a few days, it should get indexed.
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      Originally Posted by danoce View Post

      Just add it to google webmaster and wait a few days, it should get indexed.
      Fetch as Google and it will be indexed before lunch.
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    Analysis your sites.Then check your competitor keywords and try to optimize it and see which keywords get high traffic. Start the off -page activity for your sites and generate do-follow backlinks
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    I agree with what the other user said, generating consistent, relevant, and high-quality content on your site will be key. Blogs are a great way to do this. Also, make sure that you utilize the right online SEO tools straight from the bat. Moz is a great site, but I prefer Ahrefs for conducting competitive research. Guest posting may also be a helpful method for building your traffic and gaining backlinks.
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    Add your website link to the popular search engine like google webmaster, bing webmaster tools. Make a sitemap for your website
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    Originally Posted by Sunil Healthcare View Post

    Hi all,

    What should be the strategy if a person has just started working on a fresh SEO project where no link building has ever done. How can make a website crawled by Google as the website is just developed.

    Need Advice.
    1. Make sure you have a sitemap for your site
    2. Submit it to Google search console

    Those two from above are simple and easy to do...but indexing it doesn't mean that your site is gonna rank well on Google. you'll need SEO on-site and off-site to get some traffic and if it's a new domain expect to stay in the sandbox for a while, meaning little to no traffic for 6-9 months (that's how google is filtering the serious website builders/bloggers..)
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    Being in the SEO industry, you might have read this lines "Content is the King". This line is definitely true! Here is the list of various activities which you should definitely perform with a view to getting more traffic and better backlinks for your project!(I have written these activities as per my experience)

    As you said your website is new so...

    1) Do the search engine submission
    2) Find relevant directories and start submitting your content there

    For the backlinks:

    1) Find relevant blogs and do blog commenting there
    2) Start performing guest posting
    3) Do Social BookMarking, PDF and PPT Submission(Optional)
    4) Make another blog in Wordpress or Blogger and start doing Web 2.0
    5) Sign up for the high PR article sites like medium or super articles and do article submission there

    --- Do not miss out social media (you will find a huge amount of users on the social networking sites)

    Bonus: Add the "blog" page on the website and start content marketing by adding new and interesting posts in your blog to get the better engagement!
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    The best strategy for indexing brand new pages is patience.

    Don't worry about it being indexed as soon as possible because you won't be ranking anywhere, anyway.

    Instead, focus on the direction you want to take your website. I assume you already know what your website will be about, so the next step would be researching what keywords you will be going for.

    Find few keywords that you can rank for in a short-term as well as few you can rank for in a long-term. If you are able to find short-term keywords that complement the long-term ones, that's even better. By complimenting, I mean giving each other partial ranking boost.

    A good example would be ranking for moderately competitive "DUI Lawyer Services" for a short-term plan and ranking for very competitive "DUI Lawyer" for a long-term plan. This way you will have an easier time ranking for those most competitive terms when you actually get to them.

    Next step would be to look at your top competitors for keywords you want to rank for and start stealing. I think it was Picasso that said: "Good artists copy, but great artists steal". See how those websites of your competitors are structured with respect to SEO and do exactly that. Optimize your on-page stuff as best as you can.

    With regards to off-page optimization, the quality will always outrank quantity. Focus on forming relationships with other websites that are actively growing and are relevant to the topic of your website. Even if you secure several links of such quality, you will see your website moving up quick.

    I hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. -- Jill Whalen

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  • First, you can add your website to the webmaster and submit the sitemap of your website
    daily you need sharing on social media
    but you make strong social media profile then you can share your content on social media regularly
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    You can follow the white hat SEO techniques?

    white hat SEO techniques is nothing but follow the google guidelines

    There are 2 types of SEO:
    1. OnPage SEO
    2. OffPage SEO

    1. On Page, SEO optimizer particularly web pages to rank higher on web pages & drive traffic to search engines. In On Page SEO, keyword analysis plays a vital role. Relevant keywords must be used to rank your website at higher position & helps to increase traffic to your website.
    On Page SEO includes:
    1. Page title
    2. Meta description
    3. Meta tag
    4. URL format
    5. Keyword density
    6. Image SEO
    7. Interlinking
    8. Heading tags
    9. External links
    10. Quality Content

    2. Off Page Seo technique
    Following are some techniques for getting back links to your site I hope those can help you in improving rankings:
    1)guest posting
    3)Q&A sites
    4)directory submissions
    5)Social book marking
    6)social media profiles
    8)blog commenting

    Hope this helps you
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    When we are new in launching a website , we are required to search keywords , title , content for designing our website .
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