Can you tell me the easy way to get high value Do-follow backlinks?

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I am a owner of a new site. this site is new that's why I have 16 no follow backlinks. But I want to get do follow backlinks. can any one tell me how can i get instant do follow backlinks?
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      I think web 2.0 provide spammy links.. What do you think?
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        web 2.0 links are not spammy links. you can increase your DA & ranking through these links.
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        Originally Posted by Cristy Vasga View Post

        I think web 2.0 provide spammy links.. What do you think?
        Write unique informative content, and don't create web 2.0 profiles with the business name better to create web2.0 profiles on the user name

        Update there weekly - post informative content general user friendly and do not post same content on all the web2.0 websites.

        if do 10 web 2.0 submission then create 10 unique posts, don't spam, create only 1 link per post.
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    Have you done on-page SEO first? Is your content schedule completely full? you need to check off those boxes before even thinking about links.

    Also - there's no "easy" way to get high value links. High value links are difficult to earn. If it's easy to get a link, it probably will not help your ranking much at all (and might actually hurt it).

    Blake Akers

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      On on page SEO was done
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        Getting do-follow link is really a tough task I think rather you concentrate on content. If your content is strong enough then no need to worry. Google will rank your site considering the content strength.
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    There is no "easy way" to get dofollow backlinks that matter (unless you pay for them and don't get caught). Sure, you can find blogs and forums that still allow dofollow links as well as social bookmarking sites and they might be a source of traffic but none of those are going to help you rank better.

    Search engine algorithms are WAAAY "smarter" than they used to be and know the type of sites that links can be easily obtained from. If you can place a link on someone else's site, yourself, it is almost always completely worthless for search engine rankings. You want to get links where someone else has to make a conscious decision to link to you; otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels. That means creating something that other sites will actually WANT TO link to.
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    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox News, the NY Times & Flippa
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    Originally Posted by Cristy Vasga View Post

    I am a owner of a new site. this site is new that's why I have 16 no follow backlinks. But I want to get do follow backlinks. can any one tell me how can i get instant do follow backlinks?
    The easiest way I've found is to give away something for free.

    That doesn't mean you go broke giving away the farm. It means, example, If you sell video games, give away free cheat codes (do those still exist?).

    That's only an example. You still sell games all day long but a second group of organic traffic will build backlinks for you to the free content pages. Once the backlinks start rolling in then you optimize your own page where the backlinks are pointing and add optimized internal links to spread that authority out to targeted internal money pages that you want to rank on Google SERPs.

    This assumes you have niche relevant content that's in demand and worthwhile.

    Your onpage SEO isn't done.
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      My one page SEO was done. And I start a blog site which are related to beauty, fashion, health and technology now what type of product or information I can provide my customer to grow my audience??
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        Originally Posted by Cristy Vasga View Post

        My one page SEO was done.

        SEO is never done.
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          What do you mean by that?
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            Originally Posted by Cristy Vasga View Post

            What do you mean by that?
            Ranking a page today doesn't mean the same page will rank tomorrow.

            The SERPs aren't static, competition is always changing and improving their own SEO.
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          Originally Posted by yukon View Post


          SEO is never done.
          Well, he's done.

          The easiest way to get on your own sites and properties.

          Increase your internet footprint like the big boys do.

          Ever seen the bottom of
          You'd be amazed at the empire of sites they have built to funnel traffic.
          Go and do likewise. Or stay on the porch with the little dogs.
          If you feel the need to beg, borrow, and steal are NOT working hard enough.


          If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I think Social Bookmarking & Blog Commenting get the Do-follow link
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      Blog commenting give 80% no follow. Did you have any recourse of dofollw backlinks?
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    Get involved in the communities about your site and post links with useful information.
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    Firstly optimize your website(On page optimization) After that come to Off page-
    Do guest Blogging
    Focus on your content put 3-4 keywords in your content.
    Promote your content in social media platforms(Linkedin,twitter,facebook)
    Discussion on quora
    Join communities on google plus and publish images or links on google plus.
    Forum Posting
    Blog commenting

    Hope this will help you.
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    Well lots of these strategies above are helpful, but they will give you nofollow links (like blog comments or forum posting).

    Focus on creating amazing content. That's really the first step that will get you above your competitors. First thing, research influencers in your niche and write down what they talk about and what they tend to link to.
    Now, write something they would like to read.
    Finally, reach out to these influencers pitching your piece, build connections with them.

    Definitely not easy, but it's a simple and effective strategy.
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    Get backlinks from guest posting sites.
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    Originally Posted by Cristy Vasga View Post

    I am a owner of a new site. this site is new that's why I have 16 no follow backlinks. But I want to get do follow backlinks. can any one tell me how can i get instant do follow backlinks?
    First, stop worrying about INSTANT backlinks. Anything outside of your normal, natural promotion promising instant backlinks is garbage.

    Second, create a strategy to promote your site. Whether this includes blogging or content marketing, social media, forum marketing, etc., that is up to you.

    Finally, make sure your marketing strategy naturally provides ways to create backlinks. If it does this and you stick to it, you will get the SEO you're after, over time and it will last.

    If you continue to look for fast backlinks to make a quick buck, you might make that quick buck, but it will be very temporary before you fall completely off the map.

    Build value, add value, provide value and the money and ranking will follow.

    Benjamin Ehinger
    Ready to Explode your Content Marketing?

    Discover How to Increase Revenues with My Complete SEO Content Strategy Here!
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    Useful information.
    Thank you for your advice.
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    Try to share your content in right time easily get back links from there if you share unique and long content audience help you get back link using sharing ..
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    There is no easy way to get the backlinks, but yes you can start with generating good content and share the same on social media sites.. further you can start with your business listing....
    SEO Company in Mumbai. A Result oriented seo service company based in Mumbai, India. Also visit for more seo tips & tricks.
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    I'm reading all the outputs here and I hope you'll be able to read mine.

    As a link builder who practices white-hat SEO, I can say that (1) you should never stop blog commenting and (2) do some guest postings on high quality website with your same niche.

    Blog commenting mostly gives no follow links, but it is the secret to a good link profile. If you avail guest postings from Private Blog Networks (which is the easiest way to get dofollow links but it is illegal and bad), Google might think that your website is spammy because you have more dofollow links than no follow links.

    So as for your question: there is no easy way to get dofollow links.

    My advice:
    1. Create content that people will share
    2. Ask people to feature your website on their website and make a review
    3. Do guest postings but only to those with at least 20 DA websites of your same niche
    4. Regularly do blog commenting and forum posting
    5. List your website in online directories
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    Let say you have the numerous do follow links for your website but its not a guarantee that it will rank your site nor gain lots of traffic.
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    Guest blogging is the best way to get the high-quality backlink. Choose the relevant websites with high DA PA and post on that sites most beneficial for creating backlinks.

    Instead of that try off-page SEO techniques-

    Web 2.0 blogs
    Social Bookmarking
    Article submissions
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    You get an do follow back links in following methods there are,

    * Article Directories
    * Web 2.0 properties
    * High pr blogs
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    We should not just run behind the links either do follow or no follow, better to create a meaningful and quality content for end users. As per my experience, for SEO both no follow and do follow links work. Any kind of source which is giving genuine traffic to the website, is eventually good.

    You may use multiple activities of content marketing like creating new blogs on Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr, Submitting unique articles on premium article marketing sites (author bio has do follow links most of the times), Submitting Press Release, Doing Podcast , image marketing, RSS Submissions, Profile creation, Business listing etc.

    Having a mix of links from various kind of sources, work excellent and looks natural & ethical as well in view of search guidelines.
    Agency SEO Packages on WF
    Get good discount on SEO services, reseller SEO plans and whitelabel seo services.
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    thanks to all i lean many more from this post . i Think Forum Posting is the Best way to get Traffic and also LinkBuilding
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      Originally Posted by ebloglink View Post

      i Think Forum Posting is the Best way to get Traffic and also LinkBuilding
      Wrong, considering you're posting that comment in the SEO forum. Most forums are nofollow.

      Direct traffic, yes.

      SEO, no.
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  • You do social bookmarking and microblogging of your website
    for quality backlinks
    secondly you can share your post on social media too
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    There isn't any "easy way" to obtain dofollow backlinks which issue (unless a person purchases all of them and do not obtain caught). Certain, you'll find weblogs, as well as discussion boards which nevertheless permit dofollow hyperlinks in addition to social bookmark submitting websites as well as they could be the supply of visitors however not one of these, are likely to assist you to position much better
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      I found 2-5 Social bookmark site. SO how can I get much link from here ?
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    He was banned for lack of comprehension.

    "Social bookmarks"?

    Can't help these clowns.

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    As enticing as those instant links may be, the easier it is to get a link that less valuable it is.

    It may be difficult to let go of the instant gratification, keep in mind that even if you get a chance to point a lot of them to your site at the moment you are reading this, it won't make a difference in your rankings.

    Valuable links you want to focus your attention on are earned links from trusted and active sites. Earned links are the links that you have no control over, you personally cannot create it and the only way to get it is to earn it.

    I recommend focusing on two things when you start a new site. On-page optimization needs to be done before any link building is attempted. After you are satisfied with on-page, start working on getting some traffic on that site.

    Naturally, people are getting interested in you by checking out your site before they start linking to you. That is why I believe a little bit of traffic before any quality links are sent is a prudent way to keep below Google's radar.

    As the number of backlinks increases with time, I always recommend that the traffic reflects that increased amount of connections. This is much easier whenever you succeed getting strong links because you always get some of the referral traffic coming across.

    As long as you keep a mindset of building links, your job will get you inconsistent results depending on the quality of links you manage to get at the time.

    Instead, adopt a mindset of building relationships. This way, you get to know a site owner instead of just sounding like thousands of other link-builders out there. Getting to know in the niche you are interested in is a great way to get relevant links as well as insights into the industry. That information can always be used to form other relationships in the niche.

    When you look at the links between two sites as relationships, all those crapy links are no longer interesting.

    Now, you will notice that you start focusing on links that are coming from owners that are serious about the wellbeing of their sites. They continuously work on getting them stronger just like you are working on yours.

    Those kind of links are not easy to find, but those are the best quality you can get. Those are relevant and active links that are providing a referral traffic to your site right now. Moreover, they getting even stronger with time because of the work the owner is doing on his site as well.

    I understand that this is probably much more work that a lot of people would even consider with regards to link building. However, I guarantee you that if you manage to get just a few of that kind of links, you will be ranking better than with hundreds or even thousands of those poor quality instant links. I hope this helps.

    Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. -- Jill Whalen

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  • Profile picture of the author divyakochar
    Hello Cristy,

    First of all forget about instant backlinks. SEO is a waiting or continuous process which gives long term result. Following are some activities which you can do for do follow backlinks:-

    1. Write Quality Content according to your niche! Then, find our guest posting sites which accept blogs related to your niche. Guest Post is really very effective and provide do follow links.
    2. Discussion on Quora, Yahoo, V7N.
    3. Do blog commenting-it doesnt mean drop a comment like "Nice Post". Find blogs related to your niche read them properly then give suggestion or tips in comments. It will help other peoples or gives you a do follow link.
    4. Social Bookmarking- Reddit, Stumbleupon etc
    5. Stay active on social media platforms like facebook,twitter,Linkedin. Create Group on Linkedin Post tips and facts in Linkedin group.

    Hope this will help you!
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  • Profile picture of the author Dipti Chawla
    Publish "Skyscraper" Content. Skyscraping is the process of finding content in your space that's already awesome, and then out-awesoming it.

    Following this technique, your job is to find the best content in your topic (the tallest buildings in the city) and then produce a better version (build a building that's 10 floors taller) to make your article the best in your area (the new tallest building in the city).
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  • Profile picture of the author Nikola Roza
    Backlinks that are easy to get are not worth much- but there are exceptions.
    And here are few examples.
    These links are not the best but they wont hurt and will help you build your brand just a bit.
    • build a mini website dedicated to...yourself
    • This is a portfolio site- upload something and do some PR funneling (research it).
    • Forums that allow dofollow profile links- Become a genuine member and make connections with the forum members. Link is then just a by product of good marketing.
    • Audio sharing site- Upload a speech or piece of music- use Vocaroo to record.
    • General directories- There are only 4 or 5 left (that are good)- research a bit
    • Niche specific directories- This depends on your niche.Must be high quality. This means they don't accept everyone.
    • Blog agregators- The same as directories. Good examples are Alltop and Blogarama.
    • Guest posting- Only on real sites with real traffic. Pro tip. Your second guest post should link to first, and your third to second... This is called tiered link building
    I hope this helps.
    These links will help you a lot but focus on building relationships with small bloggers in your niche. Then is the best way to scale up link building and in a safe way too.
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  • Have you done on-page SEO first? Is your content schedule completely full? you need to check off those boxes before even thinking about links.
    You Must create the New blog ...

    Also - there's no "easy" way to get high value links. High value links are difficult to earn. If it's easy to get a link, it probably will not help your ranking much at all (and might actually hurt it).
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  • Profile picture of the author Daijon Moss
    There is no shortcut to this. If your content is awesome people will link to it.
    But first, you will have to make it visible. So start analyzing how you can promote your article. The more people it reaches the better will be your linking rate.

    Most quick and simple way is making backlinks with social media that allow dofollow links:
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
    • Tumblr
    • Reddit
    • Blogger
    • G+

    If you are ready to spend some time and make an effort you can use following methods:

    • Guest posts
    • Paid publications
    • Press releases
    • Interviews
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    As others have said, having a long term strategy is one of the most important things you can do to get natural high powered backlinks.

    Web 2.0, social book marking, blog comments, etc... are low quality - the easier the link to get, the less value it will have.

    Some of the best methods for backlinks is to reach out to blogs and owners of high authority websites and try and get a backlink from them. You can do this either by submitting guest posts to their sites, with your link contextually placed and relevant, and hope that they will publish it. Or you can produce linkbait articles on your own site, such as a blog post, which you know will be picked up by social media and go viral, thereby inducing natural links and reposts on high authority websites.

    Of course, for the link baiting strategy to be effective you should consider having a big social media presence - on instagram and facebook, and have followers and subscribers who will naturally share your posts and give them link juice.

    there are no shortcuts to this.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    For me guest blogging free and paid post working . no trust on web2.0 or bookmaring,

    site structure,

    1st make sure you solve all technical seo issue then work off page and go with high quality link . there are many free website who instant approve your article . do some search .
    Smmpoint has the vision to provide real and fast Social Media Services. And help people to boost their brands in short period. Get Free Instagram Likes just give me username :)
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    For me The Social Bookmarking is best Off Page technique to get do follow link from High PR sites
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    use sharing and syndication in your content marketing plan to grow up.
    Publish unique content on good PR niche related guest blogs to get target traffic.

    But when the "bigger media site" with good PR where you have submit your unique content, not give credit back to you as original source, you lost traffic you build brand and traffic for them, not for you.

    So how find such content sharing partners?
    Email each of them, can not be the solution.

    How find out which of your content sharing partners (guest blogs, media sites) no social media platforms, give credit back to you as original source?

    There must be a way to find that out.

    What do you think about?
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