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My boss puts a lot of pressure on me about ranking positions and asks about them on a daily basis, so I end up manually checking the positions every morning to see where we are ranked for about 10 of our keywords. I'd love it if there was a free or very cheap tool that would check my positions every morning and notify me of them every day. Is there a tool that can do this? I currently have submissions for both AHrefs and SEMrush but these do not check the rankings daily.

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    SEMRUSH paid plan does check daily... I have more than 50 keywords on 3 different project and its gets updated daily
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    Daily? For what purpose? Seems like he needs a little education on SERPs. This Whiteboard Friday should do the trick - https://moz.com/blog/ranking-fluctuations
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    There are lots of tools which shows the keyword ranking of your targeted keywords in SERP. Some frequently used tools are:
    • Ahref
    • Rank Tracker

    And if I personally prefer so my handy experience with all 3 above tools says that Rank Tracker is the best tool for you to check the ranking on daily basis.

    Rank Tracker is the most customizable ranking tool you'll come across. The specific features of this tool, make the research easier.
    • Geo-specific rankings for any location
    • 20 keyword tools in one
    • Keyword analysis reinvented
    • Truly custom ranking reports

    I hope this will help you to choose the best.
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    Tatsat Savsani Does Semrush work with local keyword rankings?
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    I agree that your boss shouldn't check the rankings every day

    It's a waste of his money (he's paying you for that), and both (you and him) your time and energy. A little education would be good for him so that he could focus on more productive aspects of SEO.

    Because he's your boss and he might want to feel the most knowledgeable due to ego, it might be a good idea to shut up and give him what he wants.

    If you want a free tool that does an ok job and sends it to his inbox, you can use https://proranktracker.com/

    However, he might freak out just for a Google update for nothing so this "solution" is the easiest short-term route. If he's not open to learning why focusing on everyday rankings is a waste of his resources, excuse me to write this but, he's probably a lousy leader.

    The decentralized command is an important aspect of leadership. This means that the person who knows the most about a situation or an aspect of the business should take a decision while knowing the end goal of the leader. Then, both are accountable for this decision. Of course, as a leader "you respect what you inspect" but you have to focus on the right key performance indicators.

    When you're lower in the chain of command, your job is to help the leader by informing him so that he can make better decisions.

    In my opinion, rankings are the tip of the iceberg and they should be checked on a monthly basis. Teaching your boss might be a tougher avenue but doing so, will make you and your boss better leaders and assets for the company you work for.

    Do you want to stay with this company for a while?

    If the answer is yes, I strongly advise you to teach your boss to stop looking at rankings on a daily basis. If the answer is no, you might think that you will suck it up for a short period and leave the company but this is a great opportunity to grow!

    Nicolas Roy
    Warrior For Hire

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    As for me, it's hard to find both the best and the cheapest SERP tracking tool, but you can try SmartSERP.

    SmartSERP is a smart rank tracking tool with unique auto keyword discovery feature. It is capable of finding all the keywords your website is ranking for, so you don't have to do any hard work of finding newly ranked keywords to track.

    I hope it helps to what you seek.
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  • SEO Rank Tracker
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    Ranking Checking Tools will not give you accurate results but manually checking in search pages will do a lot of help.
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      Originally Posted by KylieSweet View Post

      Ranking Checking Tools will not give you accurate results but manually checking in search pages will do a lot of help.
      That's a dumb idea.

      I'm tracking over 3,000 keywords right now. Why in the hell would I do that manually?
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        Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

        That's a dumb idea. I'm tracking over 3,000 keywords right now. Why in the hell would I do that manually?
        Not really though.
        What? 3,000 keywords target tracking in tools. Good luck to your never ending journey.
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      Originally Posted by KylieSweet View Post

      Ranking Checking Tools will not give you accurate results but manually checking in search pages will do a lot of help.

      Come on !!! Manually its quite impossible.
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    Track 5000 keywords a month for free with SeoPoz! It's revolutionary SEO tool based on Google Search Console API.
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    You can check all the keywords from MOZ and SEMrush. Moz is the best rank-tracker, campaigns, Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer and many more. MOZ is paid and used for SEO.
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  • Checkout Serpfox. I use their 50 ky plan which only cost $10 and for 10 ky, they have a free plan.

    I like their graph analysis of KY ranking fluctuations.
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    BMI I'd consider a new job LOL.

    Here's why; like everything in life, especially something like rank, day to day fluctuations do not change. Month to month, possibly. But the time frame is YEARS if you do it right, and, if you want to rank over months and years, not days.

    Google weans out the day-trader aka day-obsessed folks with each update buddy hehehe....just check the bemoaning on Warrior about the August update

    I'd forget the tool and align with someone focused on the long term, meaning more success for all involved.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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