Can you suggest some techniques to get higher ranking for my new website?

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I have started a startup blog, Feedmystartup, the website is slowing climbing the rank ladder but still the content is not ranking on the first page.

What should I do to get on the first page? Is DA is important or should I go for long content.

Let me know your views. Please check my website and let me know, if I can improve in some ways.

Thank You.
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    Forget about DA for first instance.

    Don't just build long content, build meaningful content that will help you audience.

    Build a strong link profile. I know it will take time but you will get want you want eventually.
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    SEO is a long going process. Don't hurry too much. It will take some time.
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    I have gone through your whole blog. Now here are some of my suggestions:
    1st : Don't worry about DA initially have valuable contents on your blog of 1200+ words.
    2nd: As far ranking and traffic is concerned you must have to take care of the following :
    a. Meta Description Tag
    b. A through content upto 2% of keyword density.
    c. Never use underscores in the url like Ankit_204.
    d. The biggest issue it doesn't has the sitemap. Do it ASAP.
    e. Optimize the images and work on backlinks from web 2.0.

    These will surely help you a lot believe me.
    Digital Rudrabha
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    Hi mate,

    It takes time to get a ranking higher in the SERP. There are many factors responsible for this like quality content, on page and off page, make sure you regularly check the webmaster.
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  • To get your site's pages to the first page of Google for your targeted keywords, you must first optimize those pages for the keywords that you want to rank for.

    Here are some good on page optimization guidelines to follow:
    Home Title Tag: your main keyword should show up twice here, with a variation of that keyword
    H1, H2, & H3 Tags: these tags are very important(especially <H1>), and should always contain your keyword.
    Keyword Location Within Text: try to place each your keyword near the beginning of the first sentence of each paragraph (maintaining at least 100 words between paragraphs).
    Keyword Density: you should aim for a density of 1.5% - 2.5% for each keyword that you're targeting. Important: You should not have a keyword density above 3% (Google sees this as "keyword stuffing", and rankings will suffer as a result).
    Use Your Keywords as Anchor Text on your page: link to an internal page on your site, and then link to an authority site (eg: wikipedia) that is related to your keyword.
    Images: use the "alt tag" and rename your images to your chosen keywords.
    Decorate Your Keywords: bold, italicise, or underline your keyword at least one time.

    The next step is to start building backlinks to your site, using your targeted keywords (and some variations) as anchor text. You should focus on creating links that are dofollow, on high authority domains, contextual, and on pages that are relevant to your niche.

    Hope that helps!
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    Hi Mate, here are the 7 ways to improve your blog.
    1# Optimize Your Blog Post Title
    Your blog post title is the anchor text that pulls visitors in from the search engine pages. Be sure to add keywords into it, preferably the ones you want to rank for.
    2# Add Keywords To Post and Media
    Now that you already have content, I would suggest you to add keywords in a way that does not appear stuffed.

    Again, try using various related keywords in the post content that have similar search value. It will help you a lot to get ranked on Google.

    Search engines have become more intuitive and can identify a cheap keyword stuffed article from really valuable ones with related keywords too.

    3# Internal Linking
    Internal linking is one of the safest ways to getting backlinks from your own site. This can also drain some search engine juice on otherwise old posts and eventually help the reader by showing him a related post of value.

    #4 Guest Blogging
    Guest blogging is not dead and will never die. Yes, but one done for SEO is dead long back since 2014.

    You can obviously use guest posts to highlight relevant posts of yours which are in-context. Having a guest post on an authoritative site can boost your blog's ranking and search engine visibility.

    #5 Blog Commenting
    Which was initially done to interact and build relationships is now a good source of getting visibility. You can search keywordluv and commentluv enabled blogs to leave your desired links.

    #6 Social Shares
    Though social shares are always a controversial factor of boosting your search engine rankings, they for sure will help you to rank higher on Google. The more the number of social shares, the more is the referral traffic which in return means more authority and ultimately higher rankings.

    The more the number of social shares, the more is the referral traffic which in return means more authority and ultimately higher rankings.

    #7 Repurpose Your Content
    When you have created a content that is worth showing off why give it the same old costumes. Remember Donald duck and Uncle Scrooge?

    Yes, they were the only species that looked good with the same costume every day. Not the same with our blog posts, though.

    You should re-purpose your blog posts into other types of content like videos and slides that are easily rankable.

    I hope this would help you.
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    Make sure technical seo 100% correct

    update your content , use your pillar keywords in your content. Work on CTR and Dwell ,

    Recently for my personal experience, i saw improvement one of my friend, he works on CTR and Dwells, AMP, Mobile friendly, make sure your headings h1,h2,h3 , Speed and load time very much matter in these days.

    After this come on Off-page. I will no go with traditional method .social bookmaking, web2.0,

    Working for me :
    Guest post it should be real not spammy blogs or expire domains. traffic and very good if you can get relevant guest post. (Traffic + Relevancy ) Matter very much. bloggers use techniques <a> alt text</a> use this maybe it will work for you . Hope this anwer for your question
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