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If I want to change an existing web page URL from:
to, for example,

does this affect the Google rank if I use wordpress rewrite or load an .htaccess file?

Or, I think it is better to have to exact pages and do a canonical link?

What is the best way to go if the purpose for changing the URL is for SEO and increasing google rank specifically. We want to take one level out and get the keyword closer to the front.

Thanks for helping
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    I think you should change and use 401 to 303 WordPress Plugin.
    I hope this will help you.
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    Redirects would be fine. Canonical is not something useful in this case. It's for multiple URLs pointing to a single source.
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    Yes, I agree with dilipcybex that "Redirects would be fine". I don't think so that it will affect your ranking. In first 2 weeks you may see the difference but after some days It will be back to its position. I also experienced the same situation. I was also a threat of same you are saying but after take risk now it's all fine.
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