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hey guys, I'm a newcomer to SEO world and I just want some good resources to learn how to do keyword research properly
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    Just search the same query on google "how to do keyword research properly" to get good resources
    Searchengineland and many more there
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      Micjustin33, I agree with you, but for sure you are very brief in your response. I would like to mention, that keyword research is the first thing we should start with. To create high-level, seo favourable content you should start with sorting out high search volume, CTR keywords, any content should be filled with. Adwords is a great tool to research keywords, which give you full, exhaustive information referring to the full list of suitable keywords. Also, Ahrefs and Semrush are good tools to go when it comes to keyword research. In most cases, the copywriters are in charge for putting keywords into articles as in integral part of content creation.
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    Hi Leo,

    You can use keyword planner and keyword tool or you can research keywords manually according to the competition of keyword. You can take long tail keywords also because these keywords are easy to rank in SERPs

    Hope this will help you.
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    Aside from keyword planner you can use the Google trends to carefully analyze your target field in which will guide you to create the best keyword target for your site page.
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    you can use google keyword planner tool to research keyword also you can use the different keyword research online tool.
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    There are various tools for keyword research. Some are paid and some are free.

    I always prefer google keyword planner for researching the keywords because it's free and reliable. You can also start with google keyword planner.
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    you can use google keyword planner tool to research keyword
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    There are several tools to perform keyword research out of this most of the SEO expert will probably use google keyword planner because it shows accurate results like search volume along with the bid rate for each keyword. So I would suggest you to use google keyword planner.
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    You can use keyword planner and some keyword tool to get an idea of how to do keyword research.You also have to focus keyword difficulty in order to optimize your content. You can also get some help from google trends in order to get idea of what topics are trending.
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    Neil Patel is the gold standard when it comes to doing keyword research. Look up his blog on Google. Go wild. Read, take notes, study. He is an icon in this discipline.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    You can use "Ad-words" for searching the relevant keywords. There you will find the bids and searches even which will make help you to choose the keywords.
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    Google Keyword tool is an official product from Google, which gives us a traffic estimation of our targeted Keywords and also help in finding more relevant and related Keywords for our niche. Few Important things to know:
    • You need to have a Google Adwords account to use Google Keyword Planner tool. It's free, and you don't need to spend any money to use this tool. You can simply create an Adwords tool and start using it.
    • You can also search for existing Google Adwords coupons to create one free account for yourself, and start using Keyword Planner tool.
    • This tool is created to target Adwords advertisers, but it still gives a great deal of information when it comes to finding the right keyword for your blog and articles.
    Hope you will find it useful in your research!
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      You can use KWfinder, it is fast and easy to use compared to Long Tail Pro.
      TweetPush Review | How to put Twitter traffic on steroids
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    Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website.To know more do follow my post http://www.jarvishd.online/keyword-research/[/URL]
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    Performing Keyword Research- Mostly people/customers enter something into a search engine to get needful results of their desires, so we have to pinpoint the most relevant words and phrases for what customers will search in search engine or in our website. These keywords can be broken/ mixed up or group based phrases to match query of customers.
    Keywords can also be defined in two cases like beneficiary and competitive. There are some possibilities for different-different keywords to rank in search engine. The short-tail keywords will face more competition in search engine and it will be harder for them to rank, Long-tail keywords are more likely to face less competition in search engine.

    For example: - If your business website is selling mobile phone cases so you'll have to search customer's queries matching cases.

    Short-tail keywords like "mobile cases" will face more competition. As there would be more search frequency for them.
    Long-tail keywords like "iphone mobile protective cases online" will face less competition. As search frequency will be low for them.

    More than that to learn more about keyword research still you must search for some blogs like MOZ, SE Land for the proper knowledge. And for performing keyword research by yourself you can use some tools like KWfinder, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Trends tools for some practical & deep knowledge also.
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    For tips & knowledge go to Moz and searchengineland and for tool go to Google adwords
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    You can do keyword research through keyword planner. It is the best way to find unique and relevant keywords.
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    Everyone has their own way/process of conducting a keyword research. Here is how I do it.

    It's basically a four step process that I follow every single time.

    Step-1:Competitor's Keyword Analysis

    This helps me in identifying all the keywords that my competition is ranking for and along with their ranking.

    Step-2:Seed Keyword Research:

    Now that I have an initial list of the keywords my competitors are ranking for, the next step is ' Getting more suggestions for those keywords.

    Step-3: Keyword Analysis

    This is very important. All the keywords that I get from step-2; I do the analysis of those keywords using data points like:

    - Search Volume
    - Traffic Value
    - CPC Value

    In addition to these numbers, I also look for: - Keyword Difficulty Score: How easy / tough it is to rank for a particular keyword:

    On doing all these actions, my keyword list from step-2 gets further filtered.

    Step-4:Long Tail Keyword Idea

    Once I become confident about my list after first 3 steps, I go for long tail ideas for my final keyword list.

    If you have any question or need any help. Feel free to ask your questions.

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    google keyword planner is best tool for keyword research, you can research a good keyword for your niche category.
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    Hi, LEO
    You can use Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool to Keyword research properly. Start by searching words or phrases related to your products or services. Keyword Planner works to find the keywords that are most relevant to your business which you can then choose to add to your plan. When you have a plan you like, you can save it to your account or share your plan with others. Then, you can create ad groups and set bids for each keyword before turning your campaign on.
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    There is more than one way to search KW.
    The first thing you should start with for my opinion is to write your content. you should be surprised how much KW you will write and this is 80% of the processes write good content. then check and try to optimize it and check for more KW that you didn't think about. try o use long tails and LSI.
    A good source to start and read about KW research are:

    Good luck
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    Just Try To Learn About Google Ad-words. Google Ad-words is enough for a newcomer. TIA.
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    Keyword research is one of the important parts of SEO. I would suggest you to choose google keyword planner tool. It will display with search volume along with the bid rate for each keyword which will make help you to choose the keywords.
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      bids have nothing to do with SEO, it's competition between advertisers not organic results.
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    There are lots of techniques of research keywords, those are given below:

    -Need to make important list of keyword of your niche.
    -Research keyword with related search item, in this way you can see suggested keyword at the end of the search engine.
    -Use long tail and short tail keywords where which will be appropriate.
    -Research competitor how they did their work to their site.

    These might be helpful for keyword research.
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    Google correlate;a close part of Google Trends Tool is good I use it in making content strategies also it do help me in finding similar patterns of my queries. Moreover Ubersuggest, Word Stream, Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush are the ones I use the most for finding related keywords matches, research long tail keywords, use regional databases for international SEO.
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  • It is an important element in SEO. It should do for every website. You can use keywords planner or Nil Patel " Ubersuggest keywords planner " for it. You can get suggestive keywords by putting a website link or related keywords in the keywords planner. You have to choose the most relevant keywords for your business. And don't forget the competitor research.
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    Just get the $7 Ahrefs trial. The Google Keyword Planner is NOT an SEO tool and would be a great waste of time and energy
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    Keywords research is an important part of SEO. If you have selected some of the best keywords then your half of the work is done.

    First you have to understand the type of business and it's services. After that you can check your competitor to have an idea about the keywords.

    Once you are done with it you can use any tools to find keywords.

    I'm using Google keyword planner, SEMrush and Moz's Keyword Explorer to find the best keywords.
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    The ARefs Academy has a few hours of free video tutorials. Some of it is just pimping the features of their tool, but there are some great discussions and ideas on keyword planning and backlink analysis in those videos.
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    You are new to SEO, So you can learn keyword research from Google properly and quickly you can learn briefly and deeply. The resources you can search from Keyword Planner, MOZ and also you can check from manually from Google. From MOZ, you can daily check the SERP.
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    If You want to research Free then a tool is there Infinite Suggest that provides you related keywords to your Basic keywords .
    More you can go with : SEMRUSH i.e The Best Tool for keyword research .
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    Originally Posted by LEO0077 View Post

    hey guys, I'm a newcomer to SEO world and I just want some good resources to learn how to do keyword research properly

    Try Moz Blog. Its one of the best. Here is the link to it.

    SEO Motionz Forum & Blog- Digital Marketing Forum & Blog,
    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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    Go for KWfinder it wont disappoint you.
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    For Keyword researching use tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush.... it will suggest some new and related keywords...
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    MOZ, Backlinko, Neil Patel are places to find good resources about keyword research.
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    keyword planner and ubersuggest
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    There are various keyword research tools available like google keyword planner, SEMrush, soovle, KWfinder. These are used for keyword research.
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    I do use Ahrefs and Similarweb for tasks like keyword research.
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    For keyword Research you can use many keyword tools like moz extension , Google Adwords and Keyword surfer. Study your niche , Define a goal ,use good keyword tools , identify long tails keyword and finally find out about your competitors. I hope this process will help you to keyword Research.
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