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I just have a new discussion board, and i want to start work on SEO for the forum traffic, i will like to know from experts, if the forums link is SEO friendly>>
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    According to me, forums help a lot for get a good traffic for your site. But your comment should be genuine or not a spam comment.
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      A valuable link can be generated through forums and guest posting. Particularly, Guest posting in the high MOZ DA, PA Blogs will give you an opportunity to receive quality Do-Follow backlinks to your website and increase the level of traffic. To place content, you need to follow guest-posting guidelines and be ready for creating unique fresh content. One more effective way of link building is the Infographic publishing, which gives you the ability to catch the attention of the audience.
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    Not quite sure what you are asking but methinks this thread will be deleted soon anyway.
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    Well it is not bad to have backlinks to your website from forums, but you need to do a research on those forums' page ranks and make sure that the ones you're posting have a decent rank. Also, as mentioned above, you should try posting genuine comments and don't over use links or keywords as this may make damage to you. However, the most important thing is to focus on good, valuable content and then make outreaches to other blog owners.
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    Hi @boyeayo,

    you should do for SEO to your website, like on page in Set a Meta tags then optimize your site images

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    Most forum links are nofollow, so they wouldn't help you rank better. Even the few remaining forums out there that have followed links are not going to help your pages rank better.

    If you want to know what a good link is, it is one that you cannot place on another website, yourself. If someone else has to make a conscious decision to link to you, it has a chance of being a good link. If you can place it yourself - forums, blogs comments, directories, etc. - it's just a waste of time and won't be worth anything for ranking your pages.

    None of that means you shouldn't get them. If you find a relevant forum or blog that has a lot of visitors that can send you highly targeted traffic, go a head and get the link. Good traffic is great to have, whether it comes from a blog, a forum. social networks or search.
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    as above, you want links that not anyone can just roll up to a website, sign up, confirm the email, and start spamming links. You want websites that are hard to get and niceh relevant.

    Some of the best current techniques to achieve this is to approach high authority websites in your niche and offer good quality content for guest posting purposes.

    However, there is some value in forum links - if you are a geniune forum user, and post value, then a link to your site could generate real geniune traffic of interested customers (and not just rank you highly in google)
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    Yes, Forum is a good source to earn backlink for SEO and it matters a lot as you know that SEO revolves around high authority backlinks.
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    I would say it is not too beneficial for SEO, as the DA is 4 and the PA is 5, both very low. I can't imagine this one link would do much in terms of helping rankings at all.

    Owner at SEO Services KC

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    Is it a good idea for me to charge for guest posts on my site? I would only add a maximum of 1 per week and mix these in with my own posts. Just looking to generate a little extra cash. Maybe $25 per post. Don't want my site penalized though, but one per week mixed in with other posts seems harder to detect. PA19. DA15 when I last checked. Hopefully it will keep rising.
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      I think you should discuss with quality comments besides creating your own thread. But don't spam.
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