What kind of backlinks does Google consider "spammy"?

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What kind of Backlinks does Google consider "spammy"?
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    Any link that you had anything to do with creating.
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    Simple stuff here. If somebody else made a conscious decision to link to you, it's not usually a spammy link (ignoring negative SEO). If you can place the link, yourself, on somebody else's site, it's potentially spammy and definitely not going to help you rank better whether it was spam or not.
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    1. Widget backlinks
    Google recommends including rel= "nofollow" to widgets. Very important websites, such as Godaddy, have been penalized for utilizing widgets as a link building method.

    2. Advertorials
    If you are doing sponsored articles or if you accept such posts on your website, which include a dofollow backlink, Google will consider that you are violating their guidelines. Matt recommends to nofollow all the advertorial backlinks.

    3. Hacking and hiding links in CSS and Javascript

    4. Site-wide and footer backlinks

    5. Backlinks from foreign language websites

    6. Backlinks that are automatically generated

    7. Backlinks from websites with duplicate and spinned content
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    Backlinks that are automatically generated
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    Nowadays i would avoid comment spam, ,forum signature, web 2.0s, social bookmarks and of course article directories. But it goes much deeper than that. There are many associated practices, such as link sculpting and using PBNs that can fall into that category. I would consider natural link building where somebody has created a link for you without being asked.
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    This is what Google told- Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site's ranking in Google search results may be considered as spammy link-
    • Buying or selling links that pass link juice.
    • Excessive link exchange.
    • Excessive article marketing & guest posting with keyword rich anchor text.
    • Use of automation to create links
    • Forum comments with optimized anchor text as signature.
    • Low quality directory submission and more...
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    the ones that are paid or do not relate to your niche, the ones that are coming from low-quality website.
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    Backlinks which appears as they are made just for getting traffic or for seo process are considered as spammy by Google. Also, the backlinks which are generated by copied or repeated content are considered to be spammy.
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