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Hello friends..
Can anyone know this issue how to solve it??

Warnings: When we tested a sample of the URLs from your Sitemap, we found that some URLs were not accessible to Googlebot due to an HTTP status error. All accessible URLs will still be submitted.

HTTP Error: 404
URL: /abc/xyz/(this is only example)the original url error look like same

This is a warning which come from google webmaster of site..

Any better tutorial and suggest..

thanks in advance
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    Well, first you need to actually put that URL into the address bar and see if it displays the page on your site that it is supposed to. If so, then it's just a glitch in either yours or Google's server where at some specific moment in time, the page did not come up.

    If you get a 404 - "no such page" error by entering that URL, you need to either fix the problem on your site or, if the page doesn't exist, you can 301 re-direct that URL to another relevant page or just ignore the problem. No website, including Google's, doesn't have 404 errors. It's only a real problem if there really is a page you want people to see and they are not seeing it.
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      Thanks dear..i hope it will be good for my site..
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      Anyone have another idea about this?
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