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I am an experienced marketer for nearly 15 years now. So i'm pretty confident that I can rank a page and I'm updated with most newest strategies. I have a site that I am marketing for. I use to get a lot of traffic for the main keywords on the home page about 8 months ago. I have a ton of self written content of the highest quality that I wrote myself and the first page used to be on page 1 of google. Total blog pages are about 150 high quality content. After some time of not updating the site google started playing a little peek-a-boo game with the homepage. SOI started to update the content of the homepage to better optimize and sprinkled a lot of longtail keywords throughout the page. First it went to 2nd page, few days later 3rd page a week or two later 5th page and the suddenly bam no where to be found. However all other pages on the site seem to be doing well and are getting top placements on google. Here's the kicker. Every month google seems to bring the homepage to page 3 for about 2 days like their AI is testing the site out. And then it just falls off the search engines all over again. This has been going on for about 6 months now. I have started adding updated content and started reoptimizing keywords and such but to no avail. Its like Ilm missing something crucial here. Anyone have any clues to what could be going on?

Do you think there are some bad backlinks? I doubt it because I have no warnings in my webmaster account.

Could it be I over optimized the home page?

Should I continue adding new content?

Could it be that I am cannibalizing my keywords.

Here is an example of keywords

Title Tag: Sell your electronics. We buy electronics today

Then I have sub pages with the following title tags

Sell My Electronics
Sell your electronics Boston
Sell your electronics Maryland
Sell your Electronics New York

All of the location based pages rank fine but the two pages that's say Sell your electronics & Sell My Electronics are playing the peekaboo game. Could it be that the stop words are making it look like similar pages?

Let me know your thoughts on this.
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    Looks like you are on to something with those duplicate titles. I personally think this is on-page issue and not backlinks.

    Google is confused which page to rank for the term so you are bouncing indefinitely.

    Run a site: query for your website and check any duplicate metas. I got a feeling you will find many more "culprits" besides the ones you mentioned.

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    I noticed that you are solely focus on keywords and backlinks and not thinking for the most important part which is your target audience.
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    Could be bad backlinks but more likely, a lack of quality backlinks. Guest post on top blogs from your niche for a sweet boost.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Could be bad backlinks but more likely, a lack of quality backlinks. Guest post on top blogs from your niche for a sweet boost.
      You do realize that we are not in control who are linking to us, do you?

      Scenario: your competition want you dead.
      They send bots around internet to place dozens, hundreds, thousands back links
      to your site in places where sun is never shine making sure G. will found them.
      What are you going to do? What can you do?
      The answer is: nothing

      Sure you can complain to G. and use report tool but... bad sites care less about G.
      or you and your problems simply because 98% of Internet care less about SERP,
      what evil Google does, says or wants other 2% of devoted followers religiously care.

      So, after all bad back links is not your biggest problem because G's algo learned to
      ignore them, the problem is your site need great content so good sites are going to
      Vote for you thus creating good reputation for your site.

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    I think some bad backlinks are creating and you should write content and update on daily basis. Its take time but after some time your keywords would be rank.
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    Google had a big algorithm update at Aug-18 therefor some sites ranking drop down.
    I had the same case with a site that for his big KW from page 1 to page 7! ( yes 7 ), now I'm backed to page 1!
    there are a few things that I had done to improve my rank again and it helped me.
    1/ social signal (I used Google+).
    2/ search my KW on google and checked my comp sites to see how can I improve my content.
    3/ updated KW.
    4/ add few new and good DA (free) BL.

    good luck
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