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Hi There

As my business grows in size we're finding it more and more difficult to scale as there are certain jobs only we can do.

We write really comprehensive content want to write about literally EVERY topic for our given industry. The problem is SEO people don't understand my industry and genuine industry experts (aside form getting paid way too much) don't understand and are terrible at using keywords to turn into comprehensive article briefs.

We don't just want the easy low hanging fruit long tail stuff, neither do we want the big money stuff. We want to cover every topic and structure our website around these topics in a heirarchy.

I currently have one of the staff I'm training to take spreadsheets with large amount sof keywords and manually filter through and break it down into topics, sub-topics and sub-sub-topics. However, she's still not good at coming up with the ideas and query strings and she's also not great at finishing it off and turning it into article briefs at the end.

One way around this which will hopefully allow me to extricate myself would be to pull every keyword based on my main industry seed keyword into a spreadsheet/database (at least this would mean that nothing is missed, it's just about the massive job of working through it all and categorising fully). I checked on ahrefs and this would result in 168000 lines of spreadsheet data.

The problem is that ahrefs has a maximum limit of 10000 lines. I've asked them if I can pull in sets of 10000 at a time to no avail. And they have no api I can use to do this.

I've looked into keywordtool.io api but (as far as I can tell), because it bases it on search suggestions, it won't come up with every keyword in a database, just every keyword that has a search suggestion associated with the seed keyword.

Any ideas on a way around this? Any way of getting ALL key-phrases that contain a single keyword that exist in the UK?

If I could do this it would be AMAZING!

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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