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If a competitor's page has 0 backlinks but their site has thousands of backlinks, is it worth trying to compete?
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    In a word, "yes". There are plenty of times you can outrank sites with thousands of backlinks where the pages that show up for a given search query have zero backlinks.

    First, all backlinks are not created equal and a large percentage of those thousands may be pure rubbish and not helping them rank at all.

    Second, we are talking about one competitor here. There are lots of places to rank on page one.
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    Originally Posted by Louise Lewis View Post

    If a competitor's page has 0 backlinks but their site has thousands of backlinks, is it worth trying to compete?
    Without competition we would have 1 single site for each topic there is.

    Site with least amount of links could be on top simply because it uses
    strategically organized keywords and killer content compare to sites
    that have nothing to offer but bunch of useless backlinks.

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    Yes, because they are getting the backlinks at their site which will help them in increasing the traffic.
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    In short 'it depends'.

    If their inner page (which has no backlinks) is highly related to their main homepage topic, then it still might be difficult to beat them. If you look at most high authority sites in any niche, their inner pages don't have many backlinks but rank like crazy.

    If their inner page isn't related to the sites main topic though, then yes it's probably worth a shot!
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    If the inner page has 0 backlinks it might be interlinked to the main page which will be difficult to outrank. so that's why if the site has thousands of links then it might be difficult to outrank that site.
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    yes, you have to try. not only quantity but the quality of backlink also important.
    If backlinks of a competitor are not pure, then we will not able to rank
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    For sure.
    Because then you will have more unique opportunities to drive traffic.
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    If a website has thousands of backlinks that can generate traffic and effect on website's page rank in search engine result page. You should focus more on quality of backlink than quantity.
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    yes, still need competition
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    Low Competitive Keywords are those keywords in which fewer numbers of articles are written. The websites that are already ranking on top or may have a little different topic or maybe a new website. There on Low Competitive keyword, you can rank faster that High Competitive keyword.
    Thanks for this post...
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      Yes because there are lots of backlinks at the site with the different domains. And about low Competitive keywords have a good monthly search volume but relatively low competition. It beneficial of the site.
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    Great information, every SEO marketer should know these things before their step into it.
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    This was really a great information for me and for others also. Sure these tips will help them.
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    Always low competition keyword plays very important role in SEO.
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    Yes, you can outrank the sites with the sites which have no backlinks on a particular page but make sure you build high quality do follow backlinks, not just low quality or no follow backlinks.
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    we should always compare with best results of our competitor. If you want to reach at top then you should think like that, act like that. So analyse all the pages of all the competitor and collect the concrete points from there for your betterment.
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    Backlinks make up only about 30% of Google page rank signals according to a MOZ study.

    So, other on-page SEO (such as wise use of keywords) plays a huge role.

    The best way to beat the competition is by offering long-form posts (2,500 words plus) filled with helpful information that people will want to spontaneously share. Don't have long sales pitches, explain how your product will change the reader's life.

    Also, keywords are vastly misunderstood. Think of yourself as being at a horse race. The odds are bad if you pick the favorites (high searches, high competition). You want to pick the longshots. In SEO, that means using keywords that have high searches but low competition. Yes, there are lots of these--enough to get huge traffic--if you do a good job of keyword research.

    Think beyond backlinks. Think first about engagement. If you engage readers they will share and you won't ever have to focus on backlinks again. Others will create them organically as they share your facinating content.
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