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I have selected a very tight, small, competitive niche, for the last 2 years. And i'm trying hard to get in. Not much yet, but things are getting better each month.

It is a travel niche, actually.

I have added some mini-sites related to that niche, and they also are picking up.

Now, the question is if i should add an other mini-site also, having photos related to that niche. Just photos. The name also in the domain, With photos and adsense, that 's it.

I ask your opinion because of several reasons. I do know that image-photo sites don't convert well. Am i right ?

Also doing some market samurai checks, i found that the daily searches are between 100 and 500 (depending on "photos" or "pictures" or "images" keyword), the SEOT is from 50 to 210, the SEOTCR is from 25% to 420% (competition), the clicks average from 0,61 to 0, 82 cents, and the SEOV is low from 30$ to 135$.

Traffic Travis says, med difficulty with 3 stars.

I DO know those are not good. But it will take me one day to build it and thats it.

What do you think ?

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