Impact on SEO of a website in converting a PHP Website to Wordpress

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I am converting PHP Website into WordPress is there will any negative impact on website in terms of SEO mainly.
Please share your experiences.

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    I seriously doubt it. If the words on the page are the same, the method of formatting those pages shouldn't matter.

    What could cause a major problem, however, is if the previous version of the site had a decent amount of high quality backlinks and the URLs on the new version of the site are not the same as the old URLs (especially if they are not meticulously 301d).

    In the end, this is all going to come down to your re-directs. Here's a Q&A on MOZ that discusses it (albeit with a person who is doing just the opposite) -
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    Google doesn't care if you run Wordpress, PHP, or just plain HTML.

    As Dave pointed out, what will screw up your transition is if you change page URLs without proper 301 redirects, lose internal links, and drastically change the layout and content of the site.
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    I have transferred dozens of websites from various platforms over to WordPress. It is a great switch to make as WordPress is one of the best!
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    Wordpress uses what the frick are you talking about?

    php spits out html....

    Wordpress is a bloated piece of sewage.

    Why would you go to that?

    Since you are doing a site using php anyway...

    Just goes to show how clueless people are....

    You just can't be for real.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Thanks for the suggestions... It helped me for my query
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    If some of your pages are got deleted or slugs renamed will have an impact but if you preserve the content and website structure you shouldn't worry.
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    Wordpress is also PHP and PHP in the end just generates a HTML page. So if you use the same meta tags and same content with similar HTML, it's fine. You have to see if you can achieve the same HTML with Wordpress also.

    The domain remains the same. Depends on what webserver/host you are using. If you used to have a webspace with a PHP page and now use wordpress hosted option, there are options to either point the Domain to the correct IP address using an A entry or by transfering the domain to hosted wordpress. It is best to see the webspace documentation for that matter. If the HTML is the same, there will be no difference.

    If you handcrafted your HTML before and now let wordpress handle generating the HTML, you might get worse or better results, depending on the output. If the old website is gone, then there is no redirecting required. Given that the url schema is the same.

    If you used semantic urls instead of programmatic urls then you are on a safe side, wordpress uses semantic urls from the start. Otherwise you will have to redirect a lot, this is either done via Htaccess, or wordpress surely offers a plugin to do that.
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    Thanks for the valuable feedbacks.
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