Do comments affect Google's ranking?

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Yes, comments affect the Google ranking. When I say comments, I do not mean when you go to a blog or website and leave a comment and make a backlink to your website. I mean the comments people leave on your website. Comments on your website have always been important, but with the new Google update they get even more weight because Google translates this as a user experience. You visit dozens of websites today, but you probably will not leave a comment on any of them, you have to be provoked (positive or negative) to leave a comment, and as many the comments your site has, Google considers it a better user experience. If people on your website leave comments like: keep it going, good work, you rock ... Google considers it a spam. Google gives more value to longer comments, especially if people start conversation. So in order to improve your ranking, you have to provoke people positively or negatively to start a conversation in your comments.
To conclude: are comments decisive factor for the ranking NO, are they important factor YES.
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    Here backlinks are created by commenting on various blogs and websites. Blog commenting is really effective on the same niche blogs and websites. Comments on blogs can produce precious links.

    Comment on DOFOLLOW blogs that are associated to your niche and the link that points back to our website or blog could be measured as a popularity vote and increase our website's perceived relevancy.

    The more relevant Google believes our website is to our topic, the better for our site. Where possible, comment on blogs and websites with an even more established presence than ours.

    Many blogs allow a space at the end of each post for a blog reader to leave a comment. The blog commenting field normally asks for the name of the commenter, their email address, and their website.

    Blog commenting is a famous online marketing tactic. By leaving solicitous comments on a blog post, a person is able to gain exposure among that website's viewers.

    By providing important contributions to conversations, we will have a improved possibility of achieving a link and directing traffic from that blog to our own site.
    Digital Marketing Expert Trainer - SKARTEC
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    No, Direct traffic doesn't affect google ranking. Google counts only organic visitor which are comes from search engine. As, Google only tracks the user activity who gone through their search results. That is how Google bounce rate ranking factor works.
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    Of course the affect your a negative way.

    If the comments are live and part of the site, no script....then they completely mess up your page.

    Think about it. You have say, 500 words on a great article. Soon you get 1,000 words in comments...

    Now what? The majority of your page is.....comments!

    Why the frick woould you want your content mostly comments?

    Google has said many times in the past....don't allow comments.
    For the exact same reason above.
    There is no reason on Earth to allow comments.

    In fact, if you have adsense on your page...then google tells you flat out:
    Don't allow comments. Advertisers are paying to be put on YOUR content, not others.
    Anything added is not what the advertisers are paying for.

    The vast majority of your visitors should come to read..not post.
    Only people worried about putting a link on or some such rot will even care.

    Comments that are part of a plugin or script are slightly different story.
    Many big sites use them, as a way for their readers to interact.
    READ:Interact! NOT SPAM LINKS!

    They have nothing to do with seo.

    Use a tool like facebook comment plugin if you must.

    But even that violates google adsense, as the comments show to everybody and appear to be content.

    Anyone who thinks comments is great, is a spamming fool.

    You want to attract the common man...not the seo wannabe who spams links, nor the political retard who will stir up crapola.

    But all of this will fall on deaf ears....and the spambots will keep on truckin' !


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Comments have two sides.When you comment on other blogs and leave a meaningful though on that.In this case if you do a good comment surely it may bring new like minded visitors and have a chance to improve the Google Ranking.And when people comment on your blog.You have to make sure to audit the comments of your users.If you allow a bad comment on your website it becomes a part of your website content and may lead to penalty for user generated spam.So keep a check on this.Many years ago if i not forget,Quicksprout had got this problem and Neil has stated it in a blog post.He ultimately remove the forum which is generating this user spam.So you need to be careful as publisher when approving comment.

    SEO & Blogger at Tekkibytes

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    I'm not sure if comments affect the rankings or not, but I do know that my most visited pages on my three blogs all have at least 20 to 30 comments, if not more than that. That's all I can say. If I could get inside "Mother Google's" mind and know what it is she is really looking for, I would be the richest online marketer around!
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    I'm confused about it. But every Do follow backlinks is helpful for Google ranking. Any way, my comment never approved by moderator.
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    Yes, Comments affect Google ranking. Google sees comments as a signal that your post is engaging and have good content which the users want.
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    Google Reviews do help improve search rankings. While there are a lot of factors involved in search rankings, online customer reviews can be a strong signal to search engines that communicates trustworthiness and authority.
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    Depending on the niche and the quality of the comments - they can help improve your bounce rate.

    It is rare that I read comments but there are a few sites that I research that attract some amazing, insightful and helpful comments. I end up spending more time on the post when I get caught up in the discussion.
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    No, it will not affect google ranking. This will only drive traffic to your website.
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    Blog Comments will give you backlinks but on a DOFOLLOW blogs you will get more traffic and can help your rankings.
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    Awesome point on Google comments SEO
    Thanks for sharing

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    It will drive more traffic to your website and give good rankings...
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    No, it will not affect Google ranking.
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    Even though they are mostly nofollow links but still they have some effects over rankings.
    So make sure to post comments but do not go too aggressively over it.
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    Yes, you are saying right and do comments in any blog or video make your ranking batter in the search engine.
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    yes, blog commenting not only building backlinks also you are attracting a targeted audience of another blog.
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