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I am not authorized to post in SEO section so I am posting here.
I started a blog almost 2 months ago. I had around 14 post of around 1500 words each mostly published in December 2018. I wanted to know, how much time Google takes to rank against keywords. I am only ranking for around 10 keywords in 6th to 9th SERP. what I need to further do for keyword ranking?
A problem I look in blog is that it does not cover specific niche. I mostly write what I like, social content. but there are some mix niche content also. I would really appreciate you to please guide me what wrong I am doing.
If allowed I may post link?
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    The average time for websites to rank on Google through optimization (SEO) techniques is about three to six months, mostly depending on the competitiveness and popularity of your keywords.
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      Originally Posted by khanaafuu View Post

      The average time for websites to rank on Google through optimization (SEO) techniques is about three to six months, mostly depending on the competitiveness and popularity of your keywords.
      You're very wrong. Where do you get that info? Left thumb?

      It can take less than 24 hours if you nail it. Of course it depends on your market, but Google crawls your site/content pretty fast once you hit that publish button.
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        How can it take less than 24 hours? It depends upon the DA of your website, if people are going and linking there. In order to rank in Google SERP, we need to built backlinks to our webpage and many other factors do help in getting up with the ranking.
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    Google's results usually takes between 90-180 days, depending on the competitiveness of your industry and popularity of your keywords.
    Here are some important strategies to help you get lucky with your ranking quickly:
    Use the less popular version of a keyword. ...
    Use many keyword modifiers. ...
    Mix up your on page optimization. ...
    Go deeper than the competition is going. ...
    Move away from the commercial keywords. ...
    Buy traffic.
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    I have mentioned some trick please follow these step and waiting for minimum 6 months.

    - Publish Relevant Content.
    - Update Your Content Regularly.
    - Metadata.
    - Have a link-worthy site.
    - Use alt tags.
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    When it comes to ranking, it depends on several factors. If your domain is completely new and it has no DA (Domain Authority), then you need to building backlinks to your blog home page or to the specific blog post that you would like to rank for.

    Also, make sure the article should be optimized completely like the inclusion of main keyword in h1 tag, h3 tag and in the content and also use to LSI keywords in the content to make it relevant for Google and users as well..

    Also, the most important part is that as per the recent update 'Rank Brain', if your content is not user-friendly and the users are bouncing back then it may decline your rankings from top positions to 2nd and 3rd page.
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    So whats the problem if your keywords are in first page. But you can put your keyword in title first paragraph in the content, In h1heading needs to add keywords. Or you can add embeded map intoyour site which can boost up ranks.
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    Like so many things online, it really depends on a lot of factors. I've had pages crawled and added in days, I've had others that take forever. It really depends on DA, if people are going there and linking to it and so on.

    I'd say just keep pushing links and traffic to your website and let it grow, Google will catch up eventually.
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    There is no specific time for Google to rank any keywords. Ranking keywords depends on some factors. These factors may include DA of your website or blog-site, monthly search volume (MSV) & competition of your keywords, powerful backlinks of web-pages, high quality contents, how many traffic on your website, and so on.

    If DA of your site is 50+, you've chosen low MSV and completion keywords, have built powerful backlinks and high quality contents on your site, then there is a big possibility to rank your keywords very soon.
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    To rank, the website on Google depends on various factors.
    Modify the keywords.
    Strong DA.
    Make a strong link building and unique content to your website.
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    at first you needs a niche content and good length, of course can be a good grammatical,
    your url or keyword is shortly,
    and you have know many rules for 1st page rank
    1.google analytics and google webmaster
    2. keyword competitors
    3. site mape
    4. loading speed
    5. submit url to google
    6. many traffic are needed

    Google's results usually takes between 90-180 days
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    Ranking totally depends on
    Keyword competitiveness and your strategy in SEO
    Try to get good backlinks from various sources to rank in Google SERP
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    Building your DA helps you rank faster. The higher you DA, let's say +50, then your new contents is bound to be ranked quickly on SERPs.
    Link building and great contents with good LSI keywords would help build your DA and PA faster!
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    It will take more time if you have chosen high competitive keywords. You can start building backlinks for your targeted keywords. Also make sure to use LSI keywords when performing offpage activities such as Q/A, Forums, Guest Posting and Blog Comments.

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    SEO not easy. You need to put extra efforts and post more content.
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    Hello Ruwaid,
    Don't worry it was the initial stage of your work, the keywords will ranked soon but make sure do work continuously on website. Because regular work affect SEO. Commonly it takes the time interval in between 4 to 5 months.
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    It takes time definitely, just make sure that you are using the right keywords.
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    Here are the steps to rank for a keyword in Google.
    Step 1: Lay the Groundwork
    A strong website - The longer your website has been around, accruing authority and links, the better. It's also key that your entire site follow SEO best practices - start with Google's Webmaster Guidelines if you don't know what that means.
    A network to draw on - In order to rank quickly for a keyword, it's very useful to have a built-in network to share new content with - a blog following, an audience on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, email contacts you can reach out to for occasional help with a link.

    Step 2: Do Your Initial Keyword Research
    -Choosing a keyword with good volume, but not too much volume
    -Choosing a keyword that's relevant to your business model

    Step 3: Check Out the Competition
    -The domains and URLs
    -The titles
    -The type of content that's ranking
    -The types of businesses that are ranking

    Step 4: Consider Intent
    The more specific the keyword (think long-tail keywords), the easier it is to gauge the searcher's intent.

    Step 5: Conceptualize the Content
    There are many paths to ranking for a keyword, including but not limited to.
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    Google Keyword Ranking Factors

    Content posting
    Bookmarking submission
    Directory submission
    Classified submission
    Local Business listing
    Blog commenting
    PPT sharing
    PDF submission
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  • If you want to Improve Keyword Ranking of website.

    Publish Relevant Content
    Create High-Quality Backlinks of website
    Mobile Friendly
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  • First, make sure you're on page SEO is completed. On page SEO matters a lot. internal linking, pagination, keywords in the first 100 words, keywords in title and description.

    After your on page is complete start working on link building opportunities. build authority backlinks. stay consistent on content.
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    There is no standard measure of time that it takes for something to rank in google, It relies upon various variables. Traffic is the absolute most basic determinant of the adjustments in Seo's health.
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    SEO not easy for at this time. You need to put extra suff and post more content.
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    1. Start title tags with your target keyword
    2. Drop Keyword in first 100 words
    3. Use Outbound Links
    4. Write click-worthy meta descriptions for each page
    5. Put your target keyword in the URL
    6. Add keywords to your post strategically
    7. Post Long Content
    8. Take Advantage of Internal Linking
    9. Image Optimization
    10. Target less competitive - longtail keywords
    11. Use LSI keywords in your body content
    12. Ensure your site is super fast
    13. Your website must be mobile friendly
    Keep all these 13 steps in mind while optimizing your new website. Because these tips will surly help you to rank your website easily.
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    It depends upon the DA of your website, if people are going and linking there. The standard time for websites to rank on Google through optimization (SEO) techniques is about three to 4 to 6 months
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  • If you are not going to build any kind of links and your content is top notch then on an average it can take like 3-9 months to rank a website in 1st page.
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