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I posted this info on one of my sites earlier today and I thought you might like to see some of it. It's part of a little ongoing project I have.

I went to Clickbank and made a list of the top 10 products in the Marketing & Ads category in the Marketplace. I did a Google search for the exact name of the product and looked through the top 100 listings for each product.

Now, we all want back-links and traffic feeders for our pages, so a lot of us post materials to free platforms were we can get some link juice and drive traffic to our money pages. I picked an arbitrary, yet reasonable group of some of the top sites like this that people use and seem to show on Google well. My list included:


I then created a google.doc spreadsheet with the names of the Clickbank products down the side and the number of times one of the above feeder sites showed in the top 100 listings for the exact product name across the top. I had my reasons for doing this, but I won't go into that.

The Clickbank products I did searches for were:

1. Google Sniper
2. ClickBnk Code
3. Forex MegaDroid Robot
4. Profit Miracle
5. Mass Article Control
6. Google Snatch Ultimatum
7. Zero Friction Marketing
8. CopyNProfit
9. Secret Affiliate Weapon 2.0
10. Bookmarking Demon

There is simply no way I can fit or format all of the data I compiled in a post here. However, I exported it to a PDF file and uploaded it to one of my domains I'm not using. You can download the PDF file and see the data for yourself--it should be helpful to you.


Now, there is no opt-in, nothing there but a direct download. And the main domain URL has nothing there. It's just the only way I can let you see it all.

But here are a few interesting facts and tips. First, all of the domains you see listed above are great places to get back-links from and to use as traffic feeders for your money pages. They all can show well in Google.

One interesting fact was that the only one of these domains to have at least one showing in Google for every one of the searches was HubPages. eZineArticles was a close second.

Another very interesting thing to me was that I found myself to be wrong about something in which I have always believed. I always tell people that for any search you do on Google that only two top-level domain pages will ever show in the results for any one search.

Example: If you do a Google search for any keyword you wish, you will find that only a maximum of two Squidoo lenses will show, only two ezinearticles will show, etc. In years and years I have always found that to be true. (There may be less than two.)

However, I was shocked sober to find 3 Blogger (blogspot) blogs showing for my search I did for Bookmarking Demon. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but to me I was shocked sober (almost). It's given me a reason to start drinking again :p!

Anyway, I still hold my theory to be 99.999% true. This is useful. I see people here all the time saying that they can't get their Squidoo lens to show on Google, or an ezinearticle, or a Weebly page or whatever. But if there are, for example, two Squidoo lenses already showing on a keyword search on Google, their lens will never show in the listings for that keyword UNLESS they can beat out one of those two lenses already showing in Google's eyes.

Before I make a Squidoo lens I always go there and do a Squidoo search for the exact name of the product if it's a Clickbank thingie, and see how much competition there is. There are some top Clickbank products with over 500 lenses already. Those guys are beating their heads against each other because only two of those lenses will show for a search on Google using the exact product name. Do a little research first!

Anyway, you might be surprised at the results I got. And, except for that one Blogger anomaly I mentioned, you will see that only two pages from any top-level domain show for any of the searches I did. It is extremely useful to know and understand that in your quest for Google rankings if you think about it.

Have a good weekend , Mike
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    Awesome stuff.

    I think and have seen that blogger blogs, good ones, can get into the top 20 easily but it takes work. I have also seen more than 3 at one time.

    I use them all the time for affiliate sales pages.
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    Interesting research, Mike.
    Table you provided proves your findings.
    Nice catch. Thanks for sharing.
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      Winebuddy, I've got a $10 bottle of Barton & Guestier Chardonnay that an old girlfriend brought over years ago. I know, the thought of something like that must surely send a chill up the spine of a wine aficionado like yourself. That wine, like the old girlfriend, is best left alone to age, ferment, whatever :rolleyes:. --Mike

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    Interesting report, I really appreciate you making it available

    It goes to show how powerful these types of sites are for ranking well. I should know, I use them all the time for getting local results for businesses I work with.

    SENuke has a keyword research tool that does what you did, checking to see how many of these sites pop up when doing keyword searches. Very useful!


    WarriorForum Rules!

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    Thanks for sharing! Very selfless of you, appreciate it.
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    wow that was the best read i of the month!

    Super thanks
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    Thanks for the information, this will be very helpful! =)

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