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So, a major (talking major corporation huge) competitor just got into my business' industry in July. We are in eCommerce.

Literally all they had to do was throw up a product page and their DA is so high, that they immediately outranked us (which was expected).

But what I didn't expect was them to outrank us 3, sometimes 4 times.

What they are doing, is creating 4 different separate product URLs for the same product, but different sizes (rather than using a user friendly drop down selector). The content of the pages is identical except for the title tags, which just have different sizes inserted (only thing that differentiates it).

Anyway, clearly Google is allowing this. Anyone seen this or done it?
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    Sometimes we break products out as separate ones due to variations. It all depends on what people are searching for. If, for instance, a lot of people search for a specific color along with a product name, we won't have that as a drop-down menu item but will create separate pages, optimized around the product and color. If people rarely enter a color, we would stick with the drop-down menu.

    In this case, size may matter A LOT and it is smarter to create separate products when people search for sizes.

    Another reason some people create them all as separate products is that it makes it easier to set up things like Google Shopping campaigns for a specific SKU.
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      Thanks Dave.

      I use URL params in Google shopping to differentiate between SKUs.

      What are your thoughts on my creating separate pages for each size (so having 4 different URLs as well), keeping the main historic URL as a page where you can select the size, and then the 4 separate URLs as pages where the size is auto selected (but you can still toggle between sizes via that page for a good user experience)?

      I don't know. I want the pages there for SEO only. Otherwise, they aren't helpful. They bloat search and category pages. Maybe if I made them not available via search or navigation? But then I wonder would Google even give these pages any love.
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