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Hi guy! This is my first post, so hello to everyone! I'm a newbie to google adwords and the likes, I have some knowledge with digital marketing but haven't really spent money in google ads.

a few days back around January 8, 2019.. I noticed an odd day where 0 people searched for my business (organic search). Is this a normal occurrence in google? or should i do something about this? it's odd because i at the very least I get 500 searches per day... the next day thereafter, I got a 1k search (so it's quite peculiar.) *you can see the screenshot of my chart below*

Additional question, is there a way I can see the performance of my listing for the whole year?

Thank you very much in advance to the kind souls hear in warriorforum!

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    Google tools experience glitches quite often, so it's more than likely a problem on Google's end. Of course, I'm wondering why this one day really matters. What shows in Google may or may not be what really happened and even if it did, what could you do to make sure it didn't happen again? Nothing!

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      The day after January 8, 2019 (january 9, 2019), we experienced the lowest walk in rate and customer sales for the year (we still got sales but it wasnt at par with our average sales) however, based on observing the competitors around us i noticed they too have low foot fall .

      Some things to consider january 9 was a holiday where people usually stay at home in our country. But still it intrigues me that 1 day before that famous widely broadcasted holiday our search glitched. Could it be that Probably google favored searches related to the said holiday that is near our city? Or it doesnt work this way?

      Btw thank you for your assurance and insights.
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    Would be pretty crazy to see results like that! Maybe worth using a second click tracking service as well so that you can compare if that happens again. Also would be nice to feel confident in the result they're giving you.
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    Could also be that your site was down on that specific day, maybe a problem with your web hosting resulting in a crawl error
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  • Reasons could be that your website was down for the whole day or some google employee messed up the code.
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