Is this considered spam in an Alt Image Tag?

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I've got product pages with up to 30 images of the same product on them. It's the product from different angles and close up shots of different features.

So, I end up having up to 30 alt image tags that all say pretty much the same thing = brand + model + front/side/back/handle... whatever.

Is that spam... or maybe a good thing?
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    It's a good thing that you have Alt Tag everywhere and no, it's not spam. I also did something similar for my e-commerce website. You can also include other keywords you feel relevant. E.g. type, colour, size.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
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    As long as it's something relevant, it's not spam. Alt Tag is used to describe for the search engine what that image is, thus helping them put you in the right spot at the right time in search.
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    So, google doesn't look at the page as a whole and consider that keyword stuffing?

    I can't find any info online about this. Anybody got a link?
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    The same alt text for different sizes/representations of the same image is just fine. So, this is not considered spam.
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    spam is defined as irrelevant or inappropriate. If it does not fit this description then you are all good.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    No this is not spam at all. Just change one or 2 keywords in every image alt tag.
    the search engine will understand the difference itself.
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    This will not be considered as spam as I feel it looks relevant
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    I don't think it is spam. It is good as all the images have different alt tags. Google will find it relevant.
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    If you are not stuffing the same images with different keywords, you are good.
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    Thanks for all the input on this. Looks like the verdict is unanimous.
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    Alt Text is an important ranking factor when it comes to SEO. It's okay to use alt texts for your images as far as they are irrelevant. As you said that you have use correct product names for all images mentioning the angles, there's no harm and Google is smart enough to know that.

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    Alt text is one of the important ranking factors. The image description is really important to describable because google does not read the images. That's why the alt tag description is important in SEO.
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    I always use alt tags for images. Be honest when you describe your image, don't write smth that is not present there. If it's some product and several similar images, e. g. left and right views, you could add this information into alt text. So you will get unique descriptions and google bot will be able to read them and understand that pictures are similar but show the object from different sides.

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    Yes this considered spamming activity for SEO purposes.
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      Everyone else posting doesn't think it's spam. Why do you think that? Thanks.
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    No, it's not a spam, unless you have used irrelevant keywords & it's good to have alt tag all around for the images.
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    Originally Posted by SidewalkWar View Post

    Is that spam... or maybe a good thing?

    SPAM - No.
    Good Thing - Yes.
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    The most important parts of Image SEO optimization are the image filename and the alt tag on your page. Properly optimizing images involves using the "Alt" attribute when adding images to your site. Basically Google Crawlers cannot read images, so you add the "Alt" attribute to tell these crawlers what it is.
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