keyword dropped to 900's... what would you do?

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I did it wrong

So, I have a site I've been trying to boost up and somehow managed to get the site dropped down to the bottom of the SE list for the keyword I was working.

The site still ranks very well for several long-tail keywords and despite my main keyword dropping, traffic is up slightly. Go figure.

Anyway, the site is over a year old with solid content so it's not sandboxed. The site did some google dancing before dropping down to the 900's where it's been for about 2 weeks now.

I think the problem was caused due to adding links to blogs that have recent comments on the sidebar, which caused a huge spike in backlinks with my links showing up on every page of those sites which, in turn, was followed by a huge drop of those backlinks when my comments were no longer listed in the 'recent comments' list. I think this may have triggered a spam alert.

Aside from that, went from around 200 backlinks to 2000+ in the matter of a few weeks. Combination of profile / blog comments / blogroll backlinks.

What would you do to fix this little issue I'm having?

Ride it out and see what happens over the next few weeks?
Pump it up with a few hundred more backlinks?
Drive over to google and beg for forgiveness?
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    Google can be strange at times. I added an article to my site (one that I wrote) and my site disappeared. It was at #3. A couple weeks later it was back. I updated my sitemap and my site disappeared. I have had this going on with them a number of times over the last 9 months. I know they did something with their filters recently. I am trying to keep a routine going so that there are no recognizable highs and lows.
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      This has been happening to my sites too. They are only a month or two old, so I figured it was the normal ranking process.

      I've been using Angela's and Paul's links and a few of them were starting to get ranked for the main keyword. Then bam, no main keywords are being ranked, just long tail ones I'm not targeting at all.

      So... They're still indexed, just not ranking for main keywords. The only thing I've been doing is link building with various keywords as anchor text, but mostly the main ones. Any suggestions or a pat on the head for being a newbie would be appreciated. Just tell me it will all be OK soon... heheh.
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