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hello guys,
please tell me how can i rank (link removed by mod) already created quality post and 175 backlinks but it doesn't work please guys help me.
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    How did you get the 175 backlinks?

    Google is only interested in counting real editorial backlinks given by real webmasters because they like your content.

    Links you can create yourself are virtually worthless because they don't tell Google anything about the quality of your website.

    Keep creating great content - promote it to people who care about it, and get real, natural links.

    If you do that consistently for at least 6 months, you should start to see search traffic starting to arrive.

    Good Luck!
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    The quality of the links are very important as well as the niche you're in (among so many other factors). If you're in a competitive niche going up against sites with high authority, then it will take a lot more than 175 backlinks to compete.

    Good luck to you!

    Kevin "Grind Boss" Ocasio
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    Quality of the backlinks matters the most, the number of backlinks doesn't count if they were created from poor quality sites.
    Try to get natural links, they work the best, if you're creating manually, then try to target those websites, which had High DA/PA & TF/CF.
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    Create backlinks on dofollow sites. These is fastly cache by google.
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    Its not like you will make any kind of backlinks and google will rank you.
    You need some high quality backlinks, research your competitors see what kind of links they are getting and try to get more quality and more links than them.
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    I suggest you to Comment on other relevant blog posts with help of this you get more backlinks for your website.
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      In one aspect, this might get you more backlinks, but in most cases, these links will be NoFollow links and have virtually no effect on your Google rankings.

      Unless of course you mean commenting to be engaging and develop relationships with the people who are posting. If you built up that relationship, they may check out your content and eventually link back to you in their posts.

      Nick Nalbach - Learn to Grow and Develop your Business WITH ME at NineFiveToFreedom

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    Create back links on do follow sites. Good and unique content is still the greatest way for you to reach this.
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    Few points to be discussed here on organic SEO rankings for your post are -
    1. Quality of the backlinks - You said you have 175 backlinks for your post but didn't mention the quality of those backlinks. Also the backlinks created by natural ways are more valuable than the manually created ones.
    2. Competition - If the targeted keywords for the post are highly competitive, it will take time even if you have ample amount of links pointing to your post.
    3. Indexing - Also check if the post has been crawled by Googlebot and indexed it in the database.

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    The link follow (follow to "follow" in English) is a link that is followed by the robot of Google. We also speak of a dofollow link in opposition to the nofollow link. The idea is to allow Google to follow the link and take it into account in its algorithm. This is a positive sign, a recommendation you make to Google regarding this hyperlink.
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    i wanna know to get backlink on dofollow sites.... and also know me the best forum posting sites....
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    Rank on every desired Keyword isn't possible now. If your keyword has high Search Volume and High Keyword difficulty according to ahref then you need to put more quality dofollow links from high quality sites. Though there is no surety about ranking after getting backlinks only.

    I would suggest to find some avg search volume keywords of your niche rather going with high. They can be rank more early if you do quality work on both (ON PAGE - OFF PAGE) factors.
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    you should increase the ratio od do follow links.
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    There are various factors which google consider while counting your backlinks. How worthy the links are, the linking text or naked links etc. there might be some on page issues you must check before starting the off page activities and focus on Quality links not on the quantity.
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    The broken link building, internal link , backlink through infographics
    this is best way of SEO backlins
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    check how many are do follow links
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  • Hi,

    As we all know, Google always makes updates in its algorithms so that user can get original information and business gets real search ranking with better traffic. try to make your backlinks through do follow sites, as it get easily indexed by Google.
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