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Hey guys, regarding proper image optimization for SEO, I am seeing in wordpress that 4 fields needs to be filled out [title, description, alt and caption]. However when I look at some of the most popular sites on the net like Moz or Huffington post, I am not seeing them having these fields filled out.

Let's take this blog as an example: Tory Senator Tells Truckers To 'Roll Over Every Liberal Left In The Country'

That image has the caption and this alt info:

<img class="image__src" src="https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims3/GLOB/crop/751x376+39+39/resize/630x315!/format/jpg/quality/85/https://media-mbst-pub-ue1.s3.amazonaws.com/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-02/01e085f0-3578-11e9-bb2e-b904fadba715" alt="Sen. David Tkachuk was invited to address a crowd of protestors on Parliament Hill on Feb. 19, 2019.">

So what about the title and description? When i look at an image from Moz like this Moz Blog - SEO and Inbound Marketing Blog - Moz

there isn't any info at all so I am wondering if filling out all those fields might be a waste of time?
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  • Pay attention to alt text and no need for a title text. Add a caption if possible for easier scanning of the page.
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      Originally Posted by InternetMarketingMadeEZ View Post

      Pay attention to alt text and no need for a title text. Add a caption if possible for easier scanning of the page.
      Yes. You need to ensure that you have used ALT tags properly. This is the more important thing from SEO point of view.
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    You need to pay attention to alternative text
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    Hi mikehende,

    You might be looking at the wrong websites to get examples of Best SEO Practices. Moz in particular is not the smartest guys around for SEO. Their expertise is in generating Link bait and viral content, not SEO. They simply use SEO as a hot topic to practice their link bait tactics on.

    You are correct to assume that optimizing images helps your SEO. Wordpress makes this task easy by giving you fields for your images (title, description, alt and caption).

    I recommend placing the exact same relevant keyword text in each field for the image. it needs to accurately describe the relevant image content. This works like a charm in ecommerce apps like WooCommerce stores.

    In addition to those 4 fields, you should also be using the same relevant keywords in the image file name. It seems a lot of people overlook this basic SEO task, descriptive image file names are important. In addition to Alt text Google uses file names as a primary way of understanding what content is contained in the image. The Alt text become more important whenever your image is used as link.

    For more specific details, from the most authoritative source there is, check out this guide to SEO:


    Don Burk
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    ALT tag is what matters when it comes to the SEO for images. I have ranked images on google with proper ALT and image description with WordPress.
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    The only thing that matters is Alt tag because Google can't see your image but Google can read & thus Alt tag is the way through which Google reads your image text to understand where to rank that image (On which term I mean to say)
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    from my experience / impression from running a few image based websites over the years i'd say for google image search traffic is important:
    - alt attribute
    - caption, e.g. via figure and figcaption tags. reason: google tries to understand the content of the image also based on the surrounding content.
    - image structured data
    - use high quality pictures. google likes quality and it knows to some extent how to recognize quality.

    i also always use 'speaking' filenames. but that's probably more a superstitious habit because it doesn't look like it's really doing anything nowadays.

    and finally, it should be a no-brainer but i saw people not knowing this: an image file must appear on a real webpage made for users. google doesn't index standalone image files. it needs a webpage with html in it to link to.
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    and btw: "google cannot see your image" is a pretty outdated view. it's 2019. google "knows" if there is a cat in your image, if there are genitals or bruests, and if they wanted to they could link a photo of you to all other photos of you that were ever made and uploaded to the internet.
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    Ok guys, can you tell me what is wrong with all fields shown in this image or how each field could be better optimized please?

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    always atl description and leyend.
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    Alt text are the ones that are most important since they tell search engine what the image is all about, next the caption that can be used to update the visitor more about the image or just citing the image properly to the original owner.

    Title usually gets picked directly from the image name and description is for your benefit.
    So you can skip the later 2 and focus on alt text and caption(if needed)
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    Just consider the file name, file size and much much more important: the Alt tag.
    That'll be all.
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    Ok, so looking at my attached image's info. Can anyone give me an example of a good file name and alt text just so I will have an idea how to do all of my other images please? You know, teach a man to fish.....
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