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Hi, I want to improve ranking for a tech website with more than 2k posts published, 150k visits per month and 59k backlinks from mid-authority domains.

I can't build link for each single page, I need a strategy to boost traffic and ranking.

Which strategy is the best?

Here some questions, hope we can send me some:
- Does branded anchors improve ranking?
- Does backlinks to category pages (that listing some 100-200 posts in one page) improve ranking of cointained posts?

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    - Do branded anchors improve ranking?
    Yes, but you better use different anchors to diversify
    - Do backlinks to category pages (that listing some 100-200 posts in one page) improve ranking of cointained posts?
    Yes, they may indirectly affect rankings of separate posts, but it depends on the quality of links you will use.
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    There is no easy shortcut for that many pages. Pick the ones that make you money (or get leads) and link to those. The rest can take care of themselves
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    Do you want to rank all pages or just the main domain to become an authority in a certain high-competition keyword?

    If the answer is the main domain, then get/buy High-Quality backlinks from worlds most respected sites like Forbes, CNN, BBC, Guardian, Huffington Post, etc. It'll probably cost you a lot, but you won't have to build links for 2000 pages, just one.
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  • Hi,

    Link building is an important part of SEO, Build your Links proper. now the thing is you need not to go for all the page link building section. Just make sure about landing pages and try to build links on landing page only.

    you need to only build links from the first post,bbc,forbes,cnn,huffington post .it will definitely help you build a brand.
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    The process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website which help your website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site.
    Link building helps an increasing rank of our websites. But we must build link in a proper way. The more high quality links you have going to your site, the higher you will appear in search results with ALL the search engines. Link building is one of the great ways to promote your site on local and global platform.
    After the recent penguin update in Google algorithm it is the original content plays an important role in ranking a website in search engines.
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    What kind of website is that Tech news website? Since I doubt 2k posts can be done easily over a semi niched website.

    Brand anchors would work well best would be to focus on low competitive keywords over your website rank them and as soon as you start ranking other keywords will get a push easily.
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    You can not improve all the posts by doing link building techniques only for home page. You should build backlinks and do OFF page activities for each and individual pages. First of all, segment your target keyword for each page based on popularity and priority pages. Then create link building plan and road map for each pages to build more authority backlinks for keyword anchor text.
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