How to request Google to reindex our site?

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Hi Fellow Warriors,

Does someone know a way to request Google to re-crawl/reindex a website? We did some site audit and analysis last last week and we saw some broken links. We were able to address them. So now, we want Google to reindex the site. Would that be possible?

Your input will be very much appreciated.

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    I have an article on that but I do not want to post any links. Go to google search console to get it reindexed and if you need futher assistance I will be happy to help.
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      Originally Posted by Jamell View Post

      I have an article on that but I do not want to post any links. Go to google search console to get it reindexed and if you need futher assistance I will be happy to help.
      Where's your article, Jamell?
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    If you look for Google reindex to a site so you should use Google Search Console tool as Google Search Console really helps to get index or reindex a site.

    Login Google Search Console & look for Google fetch option & insert your link which you wanna get Index.
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    if you want to index or crawl your site again on Google, then you can use Google Webmaster Tools to crawl and index your site again on Google.Google Webmaster tools is also called Google Search Console. You can crawl your site with the Fetch option in the Google Search Console.
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    you can submit your website to the webmaster and request for inspection. Otherwise google will Automatically note the changes and index it.
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    Add your website in Web Master tools of Google, after that you can input your sitemap over it from that google will reindex your website on its own.
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    You can do through search console it takes some time if not index then you put that article links in the sitemap and again resubmit sitemap.

    The second option is ping that article link otherwise you create one web 2.0 on blogger and put the link of that article in this web 2.0.
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    You can do it by 2 ways
    Google webmaster tools also called google console tool. get your site crawled from there or create a blogging site on google and drop links there. that will do it
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  • Hey, all you need to do is make a new sitemap.xml and reupload onto google search console.
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    There is new feature in latest Google search console account, name called "URL inspection". You can submit the page URL in that URL inspection tool. If the page is newly published, you can click the request indexing option.
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    Google will automatically crawl and index your updated website but it will take som time. If you want Google to crawl your website at the earliest, you need to do it through Google Search Console.
    If you already have an account in Google Search Console, just login and and then
    1. Click on Crawl on the left side in the search console window.
    2. Click Fetch as URL
    3. Click Submit to Index.
    4. Click OK and your website will be scheduled to be crawled.
    You can also do it by submitting your website's XML sitemap.

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  • We have to check the content and html code ratio, inbound and outbound links, duplicate contents, duplicate or copyright images in our page. Correct the page and again relist on Google Webmaster.
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    I just got the point but I would like to know... what's the best & fast way to get indexed by Google?
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  • Fetch your website in google webmaster or google search console. Submit your site to the search engne and ping to rapid your indexing process.
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    go to Google search console .it will be indexed in 24 hours
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    Log into your Google Search Console account, and find 'Fetch as Google'. Here you can request for google to fetch and render any page on your website. And this is what you should do as soon as you've created a new Page or Post on your website to ensure it's indexed asap.

    Hope this helps.

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    Earlier I used "Fetch as Google" in Search Console. However, it's not available anymore. Probably you could use another third-party tool and submit your links there.

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