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I found this information on a site when searching for smart pricing.

Is this really true:

Fortunately, Google offer a "competitive ad filter", which allows you to block certain advertisers from showing ads on your site. Login to your Google Adsense account and go to "Adsense Setup" and you'll see a "Competitive Ad Filter" tab. Click this and you'll be given a box of URLs to block.
Copy & paste this list into your competitive ad filter and this should help you keep a strong amount per click.
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    This has nothing to do with smart-pricing... but obviously if ads on your site are paying low amounts of money per click you can filter them out using the Competitive Ad Filter.

    There are 3 things that can effect the money you get per click per website:

    1) You are being smart-priced by Google.
    2) Your niche generally has low paying ads (no adwords competition).
    3) You have too many ad blocks per page on your website.

    For point number 1 you really cannot do anything about it but wait. As for point 2 and 3 it's just a question of finding the right niches and number of ad blocks to put on your site.

    Personally I have only used the Competitive Ad Filter once and that was to remove "Dating" ads from a Relationship website I had.

    Hope this help.

    Cheers ...
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    Thanks for your response.

    I was actually wanting to know about the long list that this webmaster suggested posting, as if, if you put this list into your filter it will cure your smart pricing.

    It is something I am not familiar with and I don't even know if I am being smart priced but what I do know is sometimes I can receive good click amounts and the very next day poor click amounts on the very same site and I had heard the term smart pricing being used so I decided to Google it and that is when I found this information.

    I guess what I could do is paste this list into one of my websites competitive ad filters and see what happens

    I don't believe I fall into 2 & 3 and I haven't figured out yet how to work out what ads are paying what. It is all too complicated for me at this point. I have some more learning to do

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    This is very interesting. I just used this filter for the first time today, to remove a totally unrelated ad that was using my niche's keywords just to get the clicks. I didn't have access to this list at the time, but I will be checking my money sites against this list now...

    I would be interested to hear from others who have used the list in the OP.
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    Smart Pricing is to do with the conversions the advertisers get from advertising on your site. Google won't put the top paying advertisers on a site that doesn't convert as this provides a low ROI for its advertisers - Google doesn't want to lose their customers. If they do show them they will show them at a discounted price.

    The list of advertisers shown bid on pretty much everything with low CPC so when Google can't find someone to fill the slot then one of these guys most likely fill the spot. If you filter these out and Google can't find another ad worthy of your spot then no ads will be shown.

    These ads usually appear when your content has no real niche as there is no theme for Google to match advertisers to.

    I personally have always used the list but my clicks range from $0.80c to $8 so I think my content is 'out of reach' of these advertisers in the first place. You don't have anything to lose by adding them. If you aren't being shown ads with these filters in place then adjust your content or find another way to monetise as AdSense won't be worthwhile.
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      Hi Viv,

      There is no reason to block advertisers that aren't currently advertising on your published pages. Don't waste your time.

      The key to earning money in AdSense is how well targeted your traffic sources are. If you have well targeted traffic you will earn so much more money, especially if you limit the number of ad units. With poorly targeted traffic sources you not only earn less you also run the risk of being smart priced or even having you account revoked.

      Your job as an AdSense publisher is to help your advertisers sell products and services. The better you do that job, the more money you will earn.
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    Hi Don

    Thanks for your great advice.

    I am doing my best to make my traffic as targeted as possible, but I guess there is always room for improvement

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