My big and famous website is ranking worse than unknown sites, what to do?

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I have a big, famous and established website, known as the largest, or one of the largests, in my niche (poker) in my country.

But even with 12 years and tons of quality content, my website is ranking WAAAY worse than unknown ones, most of the times not even showing on the researches at all, or ranking in like page 7 in Google, while my competitor, who does the same thing that I do (and sometimes worse than what I do, like publishing only news when I publish news, and knowledge, in-depth articles) ALWAYS ranks page 1 in Google for most of the keywords.

I use Yoast SEO, try to do everything I can (but I'm no developer and have no access to my site codes), but my only good result is for one specific keyword.

How do I know what is wrong with my website, and how to fix it?
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    Food for thought. First dump Yoast. Its not good.

    And secondly a site's age or number of content present in it doesn't get counted when it comes to ranking in the SERP's.

    Google ranks pages not sites. Clearly your competitors are doing pretty well job on and off page wise. So, they are ranking well.

    Start checking with your competitors links and content. You have plenty of content but that doesn't mean that they are good and more importantly the search engines have to think that they are worthy for you to rank.
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    Have you checked if you haven't been attacked by competitors?
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    Run a site speed site test using pingdom. Sem rush and Ahrefs are seo tools you can use to see what terms your competitors are ranking for.You might also want to write more in depth long form articles because long form content is more likely to out rank shorter keyword rich articles.Link out to relevant trust worthy sites and also link back to previous blog post in your archives.Remember seo is a big wide ocean. Page indexing sub domain root domain url load speed visual video help to bolster your rankings.You can also revisit and update old post to get more traffic .Guest posting product reviewing webinars buying good expired domains can help too
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    In addition to that, how about the keywords that you use to write your post. are they low competition keywords that people are searching for?, that can also affect your ranking in google
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    From Google Search Console, check out monthly visitors of your site's individual pages and discover how many clicks are on the each page. Your site may have quality contents but it may happen that very few visitors click pages of your site. For ranking, it doesn't matter how old the domain age of your site and how famous it is.
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    How do you know your website is big and famous?
    How many hits you get per month and check the stats of Google Webmaster tools for how many keywords you are ranking and at what position.
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    This is a little off topic, but will help.

    What are you doing to actually promote and market your website? Are you just relying on free search engine traffic or do you have a formal, written marketing plan?

    Relying on the search engines exclusively has wiped out several of my businesses that were once getting a TON of free search engine traffic and making me lots of money. It's as if Mother Google turned off the switch overnight and I went from making great money to almost starving.

    I would encourage you to find creative ways to come up with a rock solid marketing plan for your website. Figure out ways to spend $1 on advertising and generate $1 in revenue.

    From there, keep increasing that ratio until you can spend $1 in advertising and get back $2 in revenue. Once you do that, you can scale your marketing efforts and never rely on the search engines again.

    Being dependent on one source of traffic is a recipe for disaster!
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