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Hi Guys,

I'm hoping you can help please...

1) I installed a plugin to setup 'Google AMP', then a few weeks later deleted it (too much work as my site has 1000 posts).

In the meantime google indexed the 'new' pages (ie.

My site has 1020 posts/pages, so I've now got 1020 errors in GSC showing '404's'.

My question is:
- Should I submit all URL's to google 'Remove URL' within GSC?
- OR... just wait for google to de-index the pages (since they no longer exist)

In google's webmaster support section, they're saying that the 'Remove URL' tool shouldn't be used to 'clean up' your site.
And that if the website URL(s) have truly been deleted from the website itself, google will eventually de-index the pages.

BUT... in the meantime...won't having so many 404 pages in GSC affect my UX... and therefore my site's ability to rank??

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