Most of my traffic coming from an irrelevant keyword

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Hi there,

I am new here and this is my first post so I appreciate your patience with a beginner.

I am trying to find information online but not having much luck so thought I would get better answers here.

We own a business that delivers mainly outdoor activities but also corporate entertainment. We use one website for both. Our main business and purpose of SEO is outdoor activities.

We have a page on our website called 'Family Fortunes questions' and most of our traffic is coming from that keyword and going to that page.

My questions this going to damage our SEO efforts when most of our traffic is coming from this keyword and the keywords we are trying to rank for is not related.

Thank you
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  • What do you mean "damage" your SEO efforts?

    When people search on that term, the algo is determining that your page should be highly ranked and being clicked on. There is no "damage" here other than you are getting low-quality visitors that you don't want. It is not damaging anything for the real term you want to rank for, at least I've never heard of such a thing.

    You need to look at context. You say most traffic is coming from that term. Any from the term you DO want to rank for? Look at rates. Seems the term you mention is searched more often. If it is searched 10,000 times and gets 100 visitors and the term you do want to rank for is searched just 100 times but gets 10 visitors, that's a win in my book as a high percentage are clicking through. You are probably getting your conversions from that second term too.

    I saw the same thing for a client. Highly specialized equipment costing thousands and most organic visitors were from a certain keyword, a well-known software package which the equipment uses and repeated for all seven of the client's models. It doesn't convert of course because the intent is not about the equipment which they are not interested about but the software. So you either let it go and look only at the results of the keywords related to the product or, if it bothers you that much, reduce the chances of getting hits from the unwanted keywords. In the case of my client, they didn't want to remove the name of the software since it is one of the selling points which is understandable. So most traffic is irrelevant but the relevant traffic does well.
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    I would not use a single website for both purposes like this since that could throw off customers.
    So best suggestion would be to separate both the business else you will have to tackle that kind of suggestion again and again.
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    No, it will not damage your SEO efforts for the phrases you want to rank for. Google ranks individual pages, not entire websites. What one page is ranking for has no direct influence on what other pages will rank for.
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    If your all website traffic coming from irrelevant keywords then it increases your website bounce rate.
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    I am also facing the exact same issue as described by you. Let me talk to my friend and discuss the issue with him. He is an SEO Expert and he might have a solution for it. Let's fix it up
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    Irrelevant keywords traffic can increase your website's bounce rate.
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    No, it will not harm your SEO efforts.

    You can write long form content like 1000-1200 words covering 1-2 keywords each for both outdoor activities and corporate entertainment on the landing page. However, you can use Meta Title Tag and H1 Tag, keeping in mind the service you want to promote from the business perspective.

    Best, you can create separate landing pages for both the services.

    Hope this helps.

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    Your business should never rely on google for "business." What was your business plan?

    No matter, obviously you have something with family fortune...whatever that may be.

    Like all webmasters in it for el dinero, you would then capitalize on THAT traffic....

    If advertising is not in your business plan, then your family fortunes are sunk anyway.

    You ever do a search for a book or dvd? Game? Ever notice how amazon ads come up?
    Amazing.....the biggest, baddest e-commerce site in the galaxy....advertises all over the place.

    Bounce rate does not even matter even a speck.

    There is no such thing as irrelevant traffic.

    If it were, man, every business you pass by on the street would out of business....foot traffic is a godsend.....

    Now, what are YOU going to do to lure those people in? Whatayagot? If ya got nuthin', then you let a potential customer go right out the back door....


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    hello even i am a beginner with free overwatch accounts. i guess they all are spam. try to spam-prof your website.
    hope this is helpful.
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    I dont think it would damage it necessarily you just wont be getting quality traffic
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    No damage done but for the desired keyword, keep creating helpful content and building bonds. Generosity and patience win in the SEO game.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I don't see why it would damage but it could make it difficult if your domain name was registered before you took over and there's a bunch of external links pointing to your site for different keywords than what you are targeting.
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    I guess they are all spam, maybe you look into that and protect your site from such attacks
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    relevant keywords traffic increase your website rate.
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    I know as far as irrelevant keyword traffic increase your bouncing rate that is very harmful for your website.
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    It won't affect the SEO, but if the traffic is not related to the niche - it will bounce and not result in a conversion/goal.
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    Hi Dani,

    I think you need to check that your page's TITLE, META KEYWORDS and META DESCRIPTION. If this information wasn't set relevant to your page then you must need to change it on priority and target your most relevant keyword on the page by which you want to get traffic.
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    If the website and page is highly optimized it will not affect your ranking.The part that is going to affect you is ranking for keywords that have nothing to do with your business or services.All you will end up with is people that have no interest in your services altogether. It defeats the purpose to have a site that is about out door activities and entertainment but not ranking or attracting people that are interested. I highly doubt you will make sales. Change your seo strategy.
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    IT may affect your ranking because if key are not related how it could rank
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    It will increase the website's bounce rate.
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    i have the same question.
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    I think Irrelevant keywords traffic can increase your website's bounce rate.That is very bad for your website and very harmful.
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    This is why it is important for you to review analytics and your link profile. When you set up an online asset, then you are open to collect keywords and backlinks that you have done yourself, or someone has linked back to your site using worthless keywords.

    I have a number of Indian sites linking back to my site, and I do not target such countries, and you really can not stop them from linking to your site other than to disavow such backlinks.

    If you do not stay on top, then your profile can get bad pretty fast as you will end up getting all kinds of backlinks, and useless keywords linking back to your site.

    and stop buying those worthless SEO packages.
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    Thanks for every one post some useful and valuable comments this info boost my knowledge because m facing the same problem.
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    If most of your traffic coming from the irrelevant website. it will increase your bounce rate. To avoid the bounce rate you can embed niche related youtube video. You should get an analytical report and then you will understand where they are coming from. According to your user behavior, you can make a marketing new strategy.
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    This a normal case & this type of suction always be in SEO, Sometimes we get traffic relevant page which we are not going to target for SEO purpose and so it doesn't mean, SEO efforts are useless.

    You should focus on your relevant pages as you also said, You also made focus but still something is missing.

    So you should make some links to those relevant pages and the relevance of those focused pages should be higher than irrelevant pages.
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    I'm confused here as your thread subject points out something different whereas body subject points out something else. But anyway coming onto the body subject, if you have dedicated page and you're getting traffic for that same keyword then there will be no damage to your SEO efforts. Google always looks for more relevancy, high-quality informative pages and many more.
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    You are getting traffic, that is ok, but your website has a high bounce rate that is not good for your website...for this optimize your content and once again research and update your keywords...
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    That process increase your bouncing rate so careful.
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    Usually it can improve if you help Google find out that your content is relevant by siloing, which consist of grouping together topically‚Äźrelated web pages via internal links. Hope it helps !
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    Yeah. You may get huge traffic to your website from irrelevant keywords

    Though it wont help for getting rank in the search engines.

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    I think you ranked for the irrelevant keywords because that irrelevant keywords are easy to get ranked for and no competition for those keywords
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    You need to be patient with SEO. There's no damage done, just an increase in bounce rate. Try again

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    relevant keywords traffic increase your website rate.
    irrelevant keyword reduce your traffic and get bounce rate higher
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    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. The term excludes the purchase of paid placement, referring only to the improvement of unpaid results .
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    No damage. Keep writing high-quality contents. Soon you will get the results
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    It's never gonna damage your website. It's a good sign that you are getting traffic from a particular phrase. Implement good URL mapping strategies on your other keywords too.
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    No, it's not gonna damage your SEO effort at all, both things are different, you be ranked on both the terms- the one you wanted to be ranked & seems like the other one is already ranked, both are different from each other, so you don't need to worry about it.
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  • You must check the meta description of the relevant pages in which they are getting ranked for irrelevant pages.
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    One possible reason for getting irrelevant traffic is the usage of a single website for two separate business. Also, narrow your keywords from broad to one reflecting your niche. like people often use the diaper as the main keyword for both adult as well as child diapers sites. You should be specific in that case.
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    If you are getting traffic through the negative keyword which is not relevant to your business, that traffic would not help to get any leads to your business. It might be give some amount of traffic but it is not qualified traffic.
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    firsst check your keywword....youre keyword should be niche and low competition with hiogh searchees...will be easy to rank
    if your website is coming from other keyword..then it's fine.. it doesnt damage your SEO efforts
    keep doing with quality content and your releavent'll defenetly get results
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