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posting here as not able to post in seo section.

very grateful for some advice. Im helping a friend out with her part time sports therapy massage business, she has a twit and fb accounts which are branded with her full name, a website where the brand name on pages is written as her and GMB which has domain without the TLD and name of area as the title. All a bit of a mess in terms of consistency, not to mention that the website can't be edited easily as the software version is so old and buggy you can't edit it easily.

She appears top of the local pack for local area name and two keywords which generates some calls for her. We were going to:
- sort out her GMB as not properly optimised, add surrounding areas, description with keywords etc and make use of all the features, and add another location she works at
- gaining citations national, local and niche although ive discovered she has 10 already with low authority which are not NAP consistent and we dont have access to alter them, sites are very old and wont allow editing
- get quality backlinks for website.

My question is if she is top of the local pack is it best to just leave any of the above efforts such as citations etc alone and leave the inconsistent names alone as she may drop in the local pack? She wants it all to be consistent so change the social media account names, remove the area from the title of GMB and change the website text for her brand if we can somehow do this.

Any suggestions very gratefully received.
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