Gonna try google ads for the first time; I have one big struggling

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Hi guys I hope you all are well.
I found a few terms with 5-10k view per month which works just great together in a specific niche. I wanna go for google ads immediately after il build my web. I 've been using FB ads for more than 1 year so will not be so difficult to change to Google, but before going to youtube to learn all I have to learn I would like advice from someone who has experience.
I have one big struggling who slows my understanding of google ads. After I type an item in google. first 3 titles are AD, so after upload, my ad will be one of them or I must add extra effort for SEO ranking? Or I must pay more to be on the top? And if it is about SEO ranking.. what do I have to do here?
I have low knowledge about SEO ranking and I am aware how much I have to learn ..
Thanks for your time guys.
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    You question is very effective for others. Dont waste much more amount in google ads.Just drop little amount for paid after that use proper keywords and use high level bid rate depend on the keywords.so that only your site ad will be on top most .And also give proper title Description for the ads.
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    The ads that show up at the top are the ones that Google makes the most money from.

    Although that is usually because they bid more per click, it can also be that they are clicked on more. Google doesn't care which it is but they appear in the order that Google makes the most money from.

    For instance, one site may be paying $1 per click and it gets 50 clicks per day ($50 to Google) and another ad gets 100 clicks per day that only bids 60 cents per day ($60 to Google). Google is going to show that 60 cent bid before the $1 bid because they make more money from that ad.

    Bottom Line: You usually need to start off with a fairly high bid just to gt your ad seen but you also need to have compelling copy that compels clicks. Then, you can try inching that bid down and see if you maintain your position.
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